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VMware Heartbleed: 50% of vSphere 5.5 Servers Remain Unprotected


By now, you've likely heard of Heartbleed, a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library. The vulnerability is from improper input validation in the implementation code of the TLS heartbeat extension. The bug is in the heartbeat code, hence the bug's name. Many applications and servers were affected, and VMware is no exception. VMware Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability: a bug in... Read More

A Perfect Match: Big Data Analytics, IT Operations and SaaS


It’s great to be posting my first CloudPhysics blog as the company’s new CEO. It’s a thrill to take on new challenges, especially when joining a company with the potential to fundamentally change the game. When first introduced to CloudPhysics, I saw an experienced team, great technology,... Read More

Doubling Down on Storage Analytics


 “Never send a human to do a machine’s job.” − Agent Smith, The Matrix Today begins a new phase in the development of CloudPhysics and the application of machine data to the design and operation of IT: we’ve raised a new round of funding to scale our young company to meet growing... Read More

VM Bullies and Other Performance Surprises


I spent a decade at VMware chasing after customers’ virtualization performance problems, and took away two key learnings: The vast majority of performance problems are related to storage infrastructure in some fashion. Problems that actually get reported are just half the story. In reality,... Read More

Stay vHealthy! An Audit a Day Keeps Operational Hazards Away


All data centers are fraught with hidden Operational Hazards. These are ticking time bombs that are waiting to explode but very difficult to predict when and how exactly they will happen. It is like predicting when a patient with high cholesterol and blood pressure will experience a heart attack.... Read More


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