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Halloween Cookbook: Tips and tricks to roust goblins from your datacenter


If you're an existing user of CloudPhysics here is a brief tutorial of how you could roust goblins from your virtual datacenter using CloudPhysics analytics. Note: CloudPhysics provides powerful filters, all of these checks could be run across all your vCenters or for any small slice of your infrastructure. Availability - Health Checks Finding HA configuration issues: CloudPhysics HA... Read More

Big Data, Little Data, and Your Decisions


There is a difference in knowing the path and walking the path. -- Morpheus, The Matrix You do it every day. Make a decision and take actions with consequences. You change an HBA setting. VMotion VMs as part of an upgrade. Troubleshoot storage slowing application response times. You operate... Read More

CloudPhysics at VMworld 2014:
Be #DataDriven, win Google Glass!

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We live in the age of the data-driven lifestyle (think Nest, Waze, Google Glass, FitBit, and other wearable devices). CloudPhysics is kind of like a wearable for your datacenter: continuously collecting metadata about your virtual infrastructure, correlating and analyzing it in our cloud, and... Read More

VMware Heartbleed: 50% of vSphere 5.5 Servers Remain Unprotected

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By now, you've likely heard of Heartbleed, a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library. The vulnerability is from improper input validation in the implementation code of the TLS heartbeat extension. The bug is in the heartbeat code, hence the bug's name. Many applications and servers were... Read More

A Perfect Match: Big Data Analytics, IT Operations and SaaS


It’s great to be posting my first CloudPhysics blog as the company’s new CEO. It’s a thrill to take on new challenges, especially when joining a company with the potential to fundamentally change the game. When first introduced to CloudPhysics, I saw an experienced team, great technology,... Read More


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