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Harnessing Big Data for IT Operations (video)


It's clear that Big Data analytics can help drive a company's top-line success, with actionable intelligence about market trends, buyer behavior, purchase patterns, and more. But what happens when you focus the power of Big Data on your datacenter, discovering ways to make IT operations more efficient and reduce the risk of disruption? This new video explains why Big Data for IT operations... Read More

Storage Cache Analysis Reinvented with SHARDS (video)


We’re excited to share the work that was recently released at the presitgious USENIX FAST ’15  conference. Carl Waldspurger presented “Efficient MRC Construction with SHARDS,” a paper that he coauthored with other CloudPhysics technologists Nohhyun Park, Alexander Garthwaite, and me.... Read More

Reclaim wasted storage in minutes with CloudPhysics Free Edition


If you could reclaim thousands of dollars in storage space in only 15 minutes would you? Of course you would. Sanofi did, and you can too, with CloudPhysics Free Edition. Sanofi, one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies uses CloudPhysics datacenter analytics to help transform their... Read More

Halloween Cookbook: Tips and tricks to roust goblins from your datacenter


If you're an existing user of CloudPhysics here is a brief tutorial of how you could roust goblins from your virtual datacenter using CloudPhysics analytics. Note: CloudPhysics provides powerful filters, all of these checks could be run across all your vCenters or for any small slice of your... Read More

Big Data, Little Data, and Your Decisions


There is a difference in knowing the path and walking the path. -- Morpheus, The Matrix You do it every day. Make a decision and take actions with consequences. You change an HBA setting. VMotion VMs as part of an upgrade. Troubleshoot storage slowing application response times. You operate... Read More


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