Accelerate Customer Appreciation Through Practical and True Differentiation

“What is your actual product offering?”

Is it possible to truly illustrate to a customer today the differences among what our industry defines as a Channel Partner? For many it’s never been about just selling a “box.” But for many end-users the ability to differentiate one partner from another is becoming much more difficult. The industry itself has complicated this condition with less differentiation between standard products than ever before. Is the overabundance of nearly identical offerings relegating us to the role of walking, talking catalogs? In the end, people buy from people—but for a Channel Partner, exactly which product are you selling?

Relationships are a huge factor, no question. In most instances your relationships with existing customers were established and maintained based on the expertise, insight, and knowledge you brought to the table. Your customer trusts your recommendations. However, in business, if we are not moving forward, expanding with new customers and opportunities, we are probably falling behind.

So, the million-dollar question: “What is my product offering?”

Some partners have bet on the value of becoming the best fulfillment house providing license management and procurement services; others look to build out a rack-and-stack approach; still others simply respond to the latest RFQ. Any or all of these models can still drive business today, but… Are these really your product(s)?

“Intelligence Is the Key”

Your actual product offering consists of your people, your process, and the experience and intelligence that you bring to the table. Creation of the independent systems integrator was birthed to answer the need for an independent voice of reason. End-users wanted an intelligent, experienced, unbiased opinion to provide them direction and guidance. They needed help to create clarity in a cloudy environment.

Today channels are oversaturated by virtually the same product offerings, with hundreds or thousands of partners all singing from the same product pitch book. So the value once afforded you and your company by simply providing clear product differentiation has in many cases become a thing of the past.

How can you provide your current and potential new customers with the right pieces of the puzzle to create the perfect picture—one that clearly illustrates how your product, people, processes, experience and intelligence make your team their perfect partner?

“Intelligence begets Intelligence”

The Answer is Data, “Information = Intelligence = Value”

We use the term all the time; yet do we really understand it? Big data analytics are extremely powerful in helping us understand every facet of our world, from consumer buying behavior to weather patterns to the causes and cures for medical conditions. For many system integrators analytics have added little to their bottom line. Yet we have other examples where analytics have nevertheless created billion dollar businesses!

What if you could implement a hands-free review of your customer’s environment, and in 24 hours provide them a positional reference clearly illustrating their current conditions? That means over- and under-utilized resources, predictive resolutions and recommendations. What if you could provide solutions—right now—based upon empirical data benchmarked against a global dataset containing trillions of statistics and correlated reference points?

We know infrastructures are always changing. If you have ever worked with on-premise collectors, you know that the challenge for most lies in managing forecasted costs based on the data analyzed. Simple snapshots in time compiled from simple, rolled-up data points create complicated and paralyzing pictures based on just “averages”.

CloudPhysics is focused around insights throughout your customer’s infrastructure. The CloudPhysics technology generates recommendations never before realized—utilizing patented, comparative algorithms and analyses, whether a customer’s data center is in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo or Taipei. Utilizing CloudPhysics’ patented technologies, you can generate a global view of your customer’s entire worldwide infrastructure in minutes.

CloudPhysics offers limitless scalability, visibility, reach, and flexibility to empower our Channel Partners and their customers. Having the kind of granular metadata that CloudPhysics provides enables you as a reseller to present the truth: You’re able to help customers size their environment accurately, troubleshoot proactively, drive performance, and make the right decisions for their budget and resources at the right time for the right reasons.

Further, while your actual competitive product, the integrator down the street, is responding reactively with opinion or simply a product—your team is replacing “reactive” with “pro-active.” You are replacing “opinion” with a perfect picture of concise clarity for your customer Empowering you, your team, and your people with intelligence and information is your true product.

For the ability to capitalize on a crystal clear opportunity to differentiate and stand out, plus secure your place as a partner and product provider of choice for the future, explore CloudPhysics Partner Edition.