Irfan Ahmad

Data-driven Selling in IT

Irfan Ahmad is a CloudPhysics co-founder and CTO Over the last few months, IT vendors have come under fire for aggressive sales tactics. Why is this happening, and how can sales teams better collaborate with customers? During my years of founding, building and now scaling CloudPhysics, it’s become increasingly clear that IT selling is in… Read more »

Data Centers Never Sleep

Irfan Ahmad is a CloudPhysics co-founder and CTO A recent popular analysis of the growth of data in our daily lives caught my attention. It’s no surprise that most of these studies—given that we’re all users and consumers—focus on human-generated data. But purely in terms of metrics of data exhaust, humans simply cannot keep up with machines. Data Exhaust… Read more »

Video Blog: Help! My Dashboards Suck!

In this #vBrownBag from VMworld 2015, I shared my vision for what vSphere admins should look for in a great dashboard.

Video Blog: The Unofficial VCDX Toolchest

Here’s my #vBrownBag Tech Talk from VMworld 2015 highlighting my picks for tools to include in “The Unofficial VCDX Toolchest.”

Storage Cache Analysis Reinvented with SHARDS (video)

We’re excited to share the work that was recently released at the presitgious USENIX FAST ’15  conference. Carl Waldspurger presented “Efficient MRC Construction with SHARDS,” a paper that he coauthored with other CloudPhysics technologists Nohhyun Park, Alexander Garthwaite, and me. Click below view the talk (video length is 25 minutes). For those that prefer a quick synopsis of this exploration of… Read more »


VMware Heartbleed: 50% of vSphere 5.5 Servers Remain Unprotected

By now, you’ve likely heard of Heartbleed, a security bug in the OpenSSL cryptography library. The vulnerability is from improper input validation in the implementation code of the TLS heartbeat extension. The bug is in the heartbeat code, hence the bug’s name. Many applications and servers were affected, and VMware is no exception. VMware Heartbleed… Read more »

vSphere support with Knowledge Base Advisor

Personalize and Simplify Your vSphere Support with the New Knowledge Base Advisor Card from CloudPhysics

We know that getting the reliable vSphere support you need has never been easy. This is especially true as the vSphere world continues to get increasingly complex. Today when things go wrong in your data center, it can take hours or even days to get the answers you need. This time and resource drain is… Read more »

vSphere reporting with Card Builder

New Card Builder from CloudPhysics: Visibility and vSphere Reporting for the vSphere Admin

Although everyone from admins to CIOs appreciate the advantages of virtualization, chances are your company is still in a fog as to what’s really going on across your ENTIRE organization. Why? As environments have grown in size, so has complexity. Yet it is faster than ever to provision new VMs resulting in VM and server… Read more »

CloudPhysics Uptime Benchmark

Announcing Uptime Benchmark for You and Your Friends

What do you and all of your friends have in common? Perhaps you all liked the latest action film or Android release. Here at CloudPhysics, we like to think and talk about uptime. When working with tier 1 applications, mission critical systems, online commerce engines, or any other highly available service (e.g. five 9’s), uptime… Read more »


Tracking a vMoving Target

One of the best features of vSphere which truly allowed virtual infrastructure to change the way IT is managed is vMotion. Few other features have been so widely adopted and relied upon as foundation functionality. In addition to deciding at any time to move a VM manually, DRS and SRM also rely on this to… Read more »