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Stop Selling and Start Serving

We have a long, hard road ahead to recover from COVID-19. It is staggering how quickly our world has changed over these past 3 months as we all fight to survive a global pandemic. The threat is real and the amount of fear and uncertainty that has infiltrated our daily lives in ways we had never expected and clearly there is more to come. In the same breath, I am inspired by the sense of humanity, kindness, and community that has surfaced. While the way we function as a society will never be the same, we have an opportunity to rethink and redefine who we are and what we build for the “what’s next.”

CloudPhysics recognized as one of the 20 Coolest Cloud Management And Migration Companies of The 2020 Cloud 100

As one of the market’s fastest-growing IT intelligence platforms, designed to enable data-driven collaborations for next-generation IT infrastructure, we are excited to share that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named CloudPhysics as one of The 20 Coolest Cloud Management And Migration Companies Of The 2020 Cloud 100. This annual list honors the premier cloud technology suppliers in five key categories: infrastructure, platforms and development, security, storage, and software.

Finding value and added savings with Google’s Sole-tenant Nodes and BYOL

Modeling your workloads into the thousands of cloud variables could not be easier.

It’s never been easier to simulate new Google Cloud features. Finding the right balance between sole-tenant nodes and instances, storage media types, and right-sizing workloads before calculating their cost is a difficult task. CloudPhysics is the platform to simplify your efforts.  CloudPhysics has teamed up with the GCP product team to model their new BYOL and Sole-tenant Node offering in a new cloud simulator. BYOL has a strong place in the cloud for Customers heavily invested in Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Why pay for an operating system you already own on-premise to run the same workload in the cloud? The Microsoft Software Assurance and license model are heavy investments for most organizations.  With BYOL to the cloud, customers gain the ability to reuse their investment and remain on the platform where they have invested heavily.  

Welcome to 2019!

To our valued customers and partners – thank you for a fantastic 2018! It has been an amazing year and following the release of our partner edition in 2016 it has been our privilege to serve over 200+ global partners and 5,000 platform users. In 2018, we released the CloudPhysics IT Collaboration Platform with the… Read more »

Accelerate Customer Appreciation Through Practical and True Differentiation

“What is your actual product offering?” Is it possible to truly illustrate to a customer today the differences among what our industry defines as a Channel Partner? For many it’s never been about just selling a “box.” But for many end-users the ability to differentiate one partner from another is becoming much more difficult. The… Read more »