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Rightsizing Can Lower Your Costs Like Magic—But You Need to Get it Right

Rightsizing workloads correctly in the data center can be a dark art. Most tools available today look at vCPU utilization and vRAM usage over the course of a day, week, month, or longer, as well as measure the peak usage of the workload. However, peak workload usage can be misleading. Looking at a history of… Read more »

What’s Lurking in the Data Lake? The “Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016” Dives Deep Into Some Shocking Truths About Compute and Storage Resources

Given all the modern concern about sparing resources, living lightly on the planet and so forth, it comes as a rude awakening to learn that data centers are actually wasting compute and storage resources as if they flowed from some infinite source. The CloudPhysics Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016 takes an unflinching look… Read more »

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It—Replace It!

Have you ever visited a data center and seen row after row of servers still in production that should have been retired years ago? I am talking about single-processor, single-core tower servers or behemoth rack-mount servers with four or eight single core CPUs. I still see old servers with vSphere 3.x or 4.x running two… Read more »

Data Center Management Tools Surveys Results

If you have never been to VMworld, especially in Las Vegas, then you need to understand the scope of the event. The user community, partners, and VMware employees provide a unique ecosphere of the totality of IT. Attendees are not here just for the hypervisor anymore. The draw is every major hardware and software vendor… Read more »

You don’t know what you don’t know—but now you can!

All too often, when we start using a new platform, we only scratch the surface of its features. I think about products like Microsoft Excel 2016: the features are so vast, deep, and obscured that I would never know you could merge analysis of pivot tables to find a derived output. Luckily, I found the… Read more »

CloudPhysics Welcomes You to Booth #756 at VMworld 2016

Get your hands on the new cloud planning analytics engines!! Visit CloudPhysics at VMworld for hands-on demos! CloudPhysics is excited to kick off and share the energy of VMworld with you! If you’re considering moving your in-house workloads to the public cloud, our new offerings enable you to make the best, data-informed decisions. See the… Read more »

The cloud costing models… Modern Snake Oil or the real cure for cloud computing pricing?

If you talk to anyone who sells cloud computing resources, you typically hear the same message: “The cloud will save you money!” But the truth is, it’s very hard to know how much money the cloud can save you. Cloud providers often do a good job of telling you how much an instance with a… Read more »

CloudPhysics Focuses Data-Driven Analytics on Delivering Insight, Cost-Savings, and Smart Management to Virtual Data Centers

CloudPhysics is delivering a new clarity and intelligence to data center administration. Its immense data lake and innovative architecture help admins prevent problems, shrink costs, and make the right decisions. Click here to read the blog!

vSphere 6 EP6 CBT Bug—Is your data center at risk?

We were chatting about a blog post by Andreas Lesslhumer concerning a recent vSphere 6 bug affecting VMs, snapshots, and backups:   We discussed comments Andreas made at Tech Field Day 2016, pointing out that VMware identified a VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Bug within vSphere Express Patch 6 for ESXi 6 (Build 3825889) affecting… Read more »

Why rightsizing is now more vital than ever when planning cloud migration costs

In the mid 2000’s when I first started looking at virtualization, the initial value statement for making the leap from bare metal to virtual was consolidation. Prior to virtualization, the traditional compute model distributed workloads to dedicated servers and OS instances. After virtualization, however, consolidation was often based on an assessment, and on rightsizing workloads… Read more »