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Why rightsizing is now more vital than ever when planning cloud migration costs

In the mid 2000’s when I first started looking at virtualization, the initial value statement for making the leap from bare metal to virtual was consolidation. Prior to virtualization, the traditional compute model distributed workloads to dedicated servers and OS instances. After virtualization, however, consolidation was often based on an assessment, and on rightsizing workloads… Read more »


Accelerate Customer Appreciation Through Practical and True Differentiation

“What is your actual product offering?” Is it possible to truly illustrate to a customer today the differences among what our industry defines as a Channel Partner? For many it’s never been about just selling a “box.” But for many end-users the ability to differentiate one partner from another is becoming much more difficult. The… Read more »

CloudPhysics is Big on Big Data at Intel Cloud Day

Check out CloudPhysics’ founder Irfan Ahmad’s blog to find out how the launch of Intel Storage Builders and the partnership with CloudPhysics are driving insights, peak utilization and more! Click here to read the blog!  


The Customer is Their Data

The buying and selling of products and services in the IT industry has grown so complex that it’s now problematic for the vendor and customer to interact effectively. Vendors don’t understand customer problems and issues, while customers can’t comprehend vendors’ value propositions and how they might solve problems. Tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy… Read more »

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Data-driven Selling in IT

Irfan Ahmad is a CloudPhysics co-founder and CTO Over the last few months, IT vendors have come under fire for aggressive sales tactics. Why is this happening, and how can sales teams better collaborate with customers? During my years of founding, building and now scaling CloudPhysics, it’s become increasingly clear that IT selling is in… Read more »

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Data Centers Never Sleep

Irfan Ahmad is a CloudPhysics co-founder and CTO A recent popular analysis of the growth of data in our daily lives caught my attention. It’s no surprise that most of these studies—given that we’re all users and consumers—focus on human-generated data. But purely in terms of metrics of data exhaust, humans simply cannot keep up with machines. Data Exhaust… Read more »


Follow the White Rabbit: CloudPhysics Exploration Mode — Strong Correlation to Cause

CloudPhysics Releases Exploration Mode Funny tweets cause earthquakes. Stop laughing and keep us safe. Really. Here’s an equation drawing out the correlation: Well, ok. You take a beginner’s statistics class or hang out with data scientists and you’re bound to get the inevitable rap that “correlation is not causation.” The reprimand is so common… Read more »


The Results of our VMworld 2015 Survey

During last month’s VMworld, CloudPhysics conducted a survey with over 1000 attendees to determine the major challenges facing VMware admins and the solution paths they’re pursuing. Among the highlights: 68% of respondents indicated that the top cause of disruptions are configuration changes, highlighting the complexity facing VMware admins; Adding to the challenge, more than 50%… Read more »

Video: Cloud Ops Panel (Live Broadcast at VMworld 2015)

VMworld 2015: Here is a recording of a live broadcast panel on Cloud Ops with myself, Shiv Agarwal of Arkin and Madhura Maskasky of Platform9 with Brian Gracely moderating..

Help My Dashboards Suck VMworld 2015 Irfan Ahmad

Video Blog: Help! My Dashboards Suck!

In this #vBrownBag from VMworld 2015, I shared my vision for what vSphere admins should look for in a great dashboard.