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Does This VM Make My Cloud Look Fat?

Evaluating configured VM sizes in the data center before moving to a public cloud is like trying on new clothes with your spouse. You have some hard questions to answer about size and what you really need.   As a married male, the hardest question I often answer is a question asked by my wife on… Read more »

Sockets, Cores, and Threads – When Performance Modeling, 1 + 1 is not Always 2

Capacity planning and modeling requires a firm understanding of the resources you are using.  Planning capacity solely on workload-defined resources will often get you in trouble and lead to contention or waste. A good understanding of the processor and your workloads can ensure you maximize your resources.   When helping customers onboard to the new… Read more »

In a Terrarium, Strategic Partners are like our own Personal Yoda

In today’s IT Department, Yoda’s teaching still holds true.  By viewing a strategic partner as our own personal Yoda, we can attest that the partner is critical to the success of a new IT strategy.  This week, in a complete tongue-in-cheek blog, we have much to learn from a toy Yoda in a terrarium. “Many… Read more »

Hidden Threats of Powered Off VMs

The “WannaCry” ransomware worm made news over last weekend and this week as well, sending IT professionals rushing to apply patches that they should have applied months ago. The lax habit of not keeping patches up-to-date came back to bite many of those who left a hole in data center defenses. Looking into the data… Read more »

Maybe Goldilocks was onto something

Managing a virtual data center and hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) is a lot like the old children’s tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: too hot, too cold, too firm, too soft, etc. At some point, you find one that is just right. However, with virtualization, we seem to be on the path of… Read more »

The pitfalls of treating vSphere Licensing as an “All You Can Eat Buffet.”

This is a story on vSphere License Management within vCenter and the chaos that admins endure on a daily basis. A number of years ago, I worked as a Pre-Sales Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware. We often engaged our strategic customers to review their license usage prior to their renewing an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)…. Read more »

Costing Elastic Scalability with Hybrid Clouds

VMware has now announced its partnership with AWS to host vCloud workloads on Amazon hardware. That means we are starting to see the dream of a hyper-converged hybrid cloud become reality. This convergence brings the need for a new TCO and ROI calculation that dramatically differs from our previous models—so is consolidation ratio back in… Read more »

More Cloud, Less Cost—in the Palm of Your Hand

Google Cloud Platform, while the current underdog in the cloud space, has been making ripples in the cloud hosting industry for a while now by offering instances and pricing options that are difficult to ignore. But as with most cloud platform analysis, the effort to match workloads to their appropriate instances amid the multitude of… Read more »

Rightsizing Can Lower Your Costs Like Magic—But You Need to Get it Right

Rightsizing workloads correctly in the data center can be a dark art. Most tools available today look at vCPU utilization and vRAM usage over the course of a day, week, month, or longer, as well as measure the peak usage of the workload. However, peak workload usage can be misleading. Looking at a history of… Read more »

What’s Lurking in the Data Lake? The “Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016” Dives Deep Into Some Shocking Truths About Compute and Storage Resources

Given all the modern concern about sparing resources, living lightly on the planet and so forth, it comes as a rude awakening to learn that data centers are actually wasting compute and storage resources as if they flowed from some infinite source. The CloudPhysics Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016 takes an unflinching look… Read more »