Hidden Threats of Powered Off VMs

The “WannaCry” ransomware worm made news over last weekend and this week as well, sending IT professionals rushing to apply patches that they should have applied months ago. The lax habit of not keeping patches up-to-date came back to bite many of those who left a hole in data center defenses. Looking into the data… Read more »

More Cloud, Less Cost—in the Palm of Your Hand

Google Cloud Platform, while the current underdog in the cloud space, has been making ripples in the cloud hosting industry for a while now by offering instances and pricing options that are difficult to ignore. But as with most cloud platform analysis, the effort to match workloads to their appropriate instances amid the multitude of… Read more »

What’s Lurking in the Data Lake? The “Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016” Dives Deep Into Some Shocking Truths About Compute and Storage Resources

Given all the modern concern about sparing resources, living lightly on the planet and so forth, it comes as a rude awakening to learn that data centers are actually wasting compute and storage resources as if they flowed from some infinite source. The CloudPhysics Global IT Data Lake Report; Q4 2016 takes an unflinching look… Read more »

CloudPhysics Welcomes You to Booth #756 at VMworld 2016

Get your hands on the new cloud planning analytics engines!! Visit CloudPhysics at VMworld for hands-on demos! CloudPhysics is excited to kick off and share the energy of VMworld with you! If you’re considering moving your in-house workloads to the public cloud, our new offerings enable you to make the best, data-informed decisions. See the… Read more »

CloudPhysics Focuses Data-Driven Analytics on Delivering Insight, Cost-Savings, and Smart Management to Virtual Data Centers

CloudPhysics is delivering a new clarity and intelligence to data center administration. Its immense data lake and innovative architecture help admins prevent problems, shrink costs, and make the right decisions. Click here to read the blog!

CloudPhysics is Big on Big Data at Intel Cloud Day

Check out CloudPhysics’ founder Irfan Ahmad’s blog to find out how the launch of Intel Storage Builders and the partnership with CloudPhysics are driving insights, peak utilization and more! Click here to read the blog!  

Where to Find CloudPhysics at VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 in San Francisco is just a few weeks and it is shaping up to be a great event. Here at CloudPhysics we are doing our best to make it a show you won’t want to miss – including giving away a DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter! Read on… #VMunderground Party: Win a VIP Pass We’re proud to sponsor… Read more »

Windows 2003 Support EOL:
What Data Science Tells Us

Two weeks from today, one of the most popular Windows server operating systems (OS) – Microsoft Windows Server 2003 – will reach its support end of life. After the Windows 2003 support EOL on July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates or fixes for any version of Windows Server 2003. OS vendors… Read more »

Spicing Up CloudPhysics Free Edition

Variety is the spice of life, right? So, to keep things fresh and interesting we are applying that principle to CloudPhysics Free Edition. Starting July 1, we’re introducing a new feature rotation program that lets us incorporate Premium Edition features into CloudPhysics Free Edition on a rotating basis. It’s kind of like the flavor of… Read more »

What’s New in CloudPhysics?

Wondering what’s new in CloudPhysics? Over the past few months we’ve been focused on building out and updating our analytics inventory of cards to help you better understand and manage your virtual environment. Each new or updated card brings to light important operational hazards that could cause a lot of damage if they blew up…. Read more »