CloudPhysics at Virtualization Field Day on March 5th! (with videos)

Videos from yesterday’s Tech Field Day are now available (see below), so if you missed the event or want to listen again, here you go! Questions? Feel free to contact @cloudphysics, @virtualirfan or @esxtopGuru on Twitter.

The Tech Field Day crew will be at CloudPhysics HQ here in Mountain View for Virtualization Field Day 3. We’re really looking forward to having all the delegates—Alastair, Andrea, David, Eric, Eric, James, Jeff, Marco, Paul, Rick and Scott—as well as the TFD team—Claire, Stephen and Tom—here with us!!

We’ll be talking about how CloudPhysics uses big data analytics to take all of the data coming out of virtualized systems and turn it into actionable intelligence on how the infrastructure is behaving, where the problems are, how to fix them, where you can save space, where you can improve performance, and more. But we won’t just be talking. 🙂 We’ll be demo-ing what CloudPhysics can do, live and livestreamed, for everyone.

Join the CloudPhysics team for our VFD3 presentation!

You can follow along on Twitter with hashtag #VFD3, follow us @CloudPhysics, the Tech Field Day team @TechFieldDay, and watch the livestream here or on the Virtualization Field Day site tomorrow, March 5th from 9:30 – 11:30AM PST (GMT-8).

Who is CloudPhysics? CEO John Blumenthal provides an intro to Silicon Valley startup CloudPhysics, who brings a fresh, SaaS-based approach to virtualization management, combining Big Data science, patent-pending datacenter simulation and modeling, and resource management techniques to deliver actionable analytics for better managing the virtual datacenter.

CTO Irfan Ahmad (@virtualirfan) explains CloudPhysics’ unqiue approach to virtualization management. Leveraging a daily stream of 120+ billion samples of configuration, performance, failure and event data from its global user base, and utilizing patent-pending datacenter simulation and unique resource management techniques, CloudPhysics empowers enterprise IT to drive Google-like operations excellence using actionable analytics from a large, relevant, continually refreshed data set.

@virtualirfan takes a look under the hood of the company’s predictive analytics technology, starting with the handling of the firehose of data collected from datacenters round the world, followed by an examination of the overall architecture, simulation techniques, discovering causality, predicting potential outages, and supported use cases.

Krishna Raj Raja (@esxtopGuru) gives a live demo of how to use CloudPhysics to pinpoint hidden operational hazards in VMware vSphere environments.

Krishna gives a live demo of how to use CloudPhysics to troubleshoot storage performance and configuration issues in your virtual datacenter, including a demo of custom analytics capabilities (with CloudPhysics Card Builder).

Many IT teams are considering SSDs to improve datacenter performance. Krishna and Irfan explain how CloudPhysics Cache Benefits Analysis helps IT teams understand if – and exactly where – SSD will deliver performance advantages in their particular datacenter.