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Stay vHealthy! An Audit a Day Keeps Operational Hazards Away

All data centers are fraught with hidden Operational Hazards. These are ticking time bombs that are waiting to explode but very difficult to predict when and how exactly they will happen. It is like predicting when a patient with high cholesterol and blood pressure will experience a heart attack. Regular preventive care can reduce the… Read more »

one size does not fit all

One Size Does Not Fit All: vSphere Custom Reporting & Analytics

The operational needs and priorities of vSphere administrators vary from organization to organization and there are many datacenter operational management tools to serve those needs. But if you ask any vSphere administrator, the one tool they consistently rely on is spreadsheets. Why are spreadsheets so popular with vSphere admins? Lots of reasons: The reports and… Read more »

storage capacity management

Partly Cloudy with A Chance to Fill Up Disk Space: Storage Analytics for Datastore and Guest Disk Capacity Management

If you follow tech news, you’ve probably heard the buzz about predictive analytics. Facebook can predict when couples breakup, Amazon can predict and ship items you’re likely to purchase before you click the buy cloudon. Target can predict pregnancy based on shopping patterns. These organizations now use big data not only to understand but also… Read more »


Noisy Neighbor Where Art Thou? VM Performance Culprit and Victim Analysis Using CloudPhysics Storage Analytics

In my last blog post I talked about the our new Storage Analytics offering. Here, I want to focus on one of the core features of this product offering — Datastore Contention card. We all know that virtualization helps to drive up utilization of physical resources, but it also makes resource contention almost inevitable. VMware… Read more »


Who’s Minding Your Storage Zoo? Try CloudPhysics New Storage Analytics

What I love about being a product manager in a startup is you get to listen to customers every day and leverage your learnings to directly influence product and company direction. Our new Storage Analytics, now available as a free trial, is a great example of how this works. My experience at CloudPhysics over the… Read more »

CloudPhysics at Virtualization Field Day on March 5th! (with videos)

Videos from yesterday’s Tech Field Day are now available (see below), so if you missed the event or want to listen again, here you go! Questions? Feel free to contact @cloudphysics, @virtualirfan or @esxtopGuru on Twitter. — The Tech Field Day crew will be at CloudPhysics HQ here in Mountain View for Virtualization Field Day… Read more »

Performance data visualization

You Can Have Your Performance Data and Graph It Too

One of the things we’re known for at CloudPhysics is the mashup, taking data from different sources and mashing it together. Instead of requiring users to hunt through multiple operational data sources, and then piece together relevant data by hand into spreadsheets or other tools to generate tables and charts, we pre-package the data together… Read more »

Cost Calculator for AWS

Do Hybrid Clouds Make Cents? Cost Calculator For AWS

It is no secret that organizations are increasingly looking into hybrid cloud solutions to get the best of both private and public clouds. And judging by recent announcements, service providers are paying attention. Last week Amazon augmented their existing AWS offering with a new desktop-as-a-service, while VMware this year launched its vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS)… Read more »

CloudPhysics Makes vSphere 5.5 Upgrades Safer, Easier And Faster – For Free

VMware recently released a new version of its flagship product – VMware vSphere 5.5 – with loads of new features. You may be planning to upgrade your servers to this release in the near future. But as we all know, software upgrades are prone to risks and careful planing is necessary especially when dealing with… Read more »

CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor Makes It Easy to Sidestep Operational Hazards

Datacenters are becoming more complex than ever, and hardware and software vendors are continuously publishing Knowledge Base articles and best practices to help you fix issues and avoid pitfalls. But if you are like most administrators, it’s difficult to pinpoint the important signals in the midst of all the KB noise. Many ignore these advisories… Read more »