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CloudPhysics eliminates VM snapshot bloat

Dealing with VM Snapshot Bloat in Your Virtualized Datacenter (or “How Larry Saved $5000 in 5 Minutes”)

For those new to CloudPhysics, one of the easiest ways to get immediate value is to try “Snapshots Gone Wild,” one of the many apps – called “Cards” – available on our intelligent operations management platform. With Snapshots Gone Wild, you can quickly discover VM snapshot bloat and pinpoint where you’re wasting disk space and… Read more »

The Question: Neo and Trinity

The Question

“It’s the question, Neo. It’s the question that drives us. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.” — The Matrix Great companies start from simple problems It began with a simple question: “How many virtual machines can sit on my datastore?” And so CloudPhysics was born. As… Read more »

vSphere support with Knowledge Base Advisor

Personalize and Simplify Your vSphere Support with the New Knowledge Base Advisor Card from CloudPhysics

We know that getting the reliable vSphere support you need has never been easy. This is especially true as the vSphere world continues to get increasingly complex. Today when things go wrong in your datacenter, it can take hours or even days to get the answers you need. This time and resource drain is not… Read more »

vSphere reporting with Card Builder

New Card Builder from CloudPhysics: Visibility and vSphere Reporting for the vSphere Admin

Although everyone from admins to CIOs appreciate the advantages of virtualization, chances are your company is still in a fog as to what’s really going on across your ENTIRE organization. Why? As environments have grown in size, so has complexity. Yet it is faster than ever to provision new VMs resulting in VM and server… Read more »

CloudPhysics lets you share info with others.

Shared Cards, When Web Conferencing Just Doesn’t Work

CloudPhysics is announcing a new feature today which allows you to share cards. Shared Cards let you invite anyone you wish to see a selected card. E.g. Want to show a support person or a partner your Host Inventory card? Now you can. Just provide their email address, and they will be able to see… Read more »

CloudPhysics Datastore Space

New CloudPhysics Datastore Space Card Answers Those Two Huge Questions (Then Hundreds More)

As any admin worth his or her salt will tell you, when it comes to storage it all boils down to two fundamental questions: “When am I going to run out of storage?” and “Why am I running of out storage?” Two simple questions for sure. But there’s never been an easy answer to either,… Read more »

CloudPhysics Uptime Benchmark

Announcing Uptime Benchmark for You and Your Friends

What do you and all of your friends have in common? Perhaps you all liked the latest action film or Android release. Here at CloudPhysics, we like to think and talk about uptime. When working with tier 1 applications, mission critical systems, online commerce engines, or any other highly available service (e.g. five 9’s), uptime… Read more »

Datastore contention - featured

Datastore Contention for Things that Go Bump in the Night

Ever have one of those days when things are going just great and then the phone rings? Perhaps this time it’s your application owners. “Things are slow” they say. You look and find that your datastore is getting hit. You can’t figure out which VM(s) is your culprit. Today we’re happy to announce Datastore Contention…. Read more »

CloudPhysics Host Resource Commitment

Doing More with Less, Understanding Your Host Commitment

VMware has long enabled customers to do more with less. This has allowed users to pile VMs onto their hosts unlike ever before, making the most use out of their host memory and CPU resources. Virtualization has provided the means to safely gain higher consolidation ratios, forever changing the way servers are deployed. We’ve found… Read more »