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Datastore contention - featured

Datastore Contention for Things that Go Bump in the Night

Ever have one of those days when things are going just great and then the phone rings? Perhaps this time it’s your application owners. “Things are slow” they say. You look and find that your datastore is getting hit. You can’t figure out which VM(s) is your culprit. Today we’re happy to announce Datastore Contention…. Read more »

CloudPhysics Host Resource Commitment

Doing More with Less, Understanding Your Host Commitment

VMware has long enabled customers to do more with less. This has allowed users to pile VMs onto their hosts unlike ever before, making the most use out of their host memory and CPU resources. Virtualization has provided the means to safely gain higher consolidation ratios, forever changing the way servers are deployed. We’ve found… Read more »

CloudPhysics shows snapshots that have gained weight

Snapshots Card…You’ve Gained Some Weight

Sometimes getting too large isn’t so good for you. Snapshots, for example, can grow and get away from you. It’s easy to not notice a little growth here or there when you’re busy keeping an eye on everything else. Today we’ve added ‘Snapshot Size’ to the Snapshots Gone Wild card. Quickly find out just how… Read more »


Tracking a vMoving Target

One of the best features of vSphere which truly allowed virtual infrastructure to change the way IT is managed is vMotion. Few other features have been so widely adopted and relied upon as foundation functionality. In addition to deciding at any time to move a VM manually, DRS and SRM also rely on this to… Read more »


CloudPhysics Host Inventory

Sometimes you just need to know the state of all of your hosts for reporting, inventory management, and your sanity. Today we’re announcing a ‘Host Inventory’ card. This card does exactly what it sounds like and summarizes all of your hosts; including details for Vendor, Model, ESX Version, Memory and CPU details. Use this card… Read more »

CloudPhysics sort and export

@cloudphysics heard tweet! #sort #export

Here at CloudPhysics, we’ve been busy working on new cards and listening to what our users have been telling us. We’ve been very happy to hear feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Responses have included feature requests too, and today we’re happy to announce that we’ve released two very popular requests. On-demand column sorting Column sorting… Read more »

CloudPhysics User Management

Build Your Team in CloudPhysics

Today we’re announcing a new feature in your CloudPhysics portal to allow you to invite peers to join and view your company data. This has been requested by many users, and we’re happy to bring it to you. If you work on a virtualization team, for example, you will now each be able to view… Read more »

CloudPhysics offers FREE vSphere Clustering e-book

Act Now! Get a FREE vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deep Dive E-Book at VMworld Barcelona!

Following a very successful vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deep Dive book give-away at VMworld San Francisco, CloudPhysics is extending the same great book offer to VMworld Barcelona participants! This time, we are offering the Kindle e-book version of the same very popular book by our friends Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. We are giving away this… Read more »


Announcing VM Reservations and Limits Card

CloudPhysics is happy to announce a new card called “VM Reservations and Limits” today. Reservations and Limits are knobs available to the vSphere admin to control memory and CPU resources available to VMs. The VM Reservations & Limits card is designed to give you an easy way to track your VM resource allocation settings and check… Read more »

CloudPhysics Snapshots Gone Wild

Announcing the Snapshots Gone Wild Card

Ever feel like something has been creeping up on you and you can’t figure out what it is? CloudPhysics is happy to announce the first of many proposed cards we’ve created based directly on vSphere user community feedback. This newest addition is Snapshots Gone Wild. Variations on this card were proposed by a couple different… Read more »