A Perfect Match: Big Data Analytics, IT Operations and SaaS


It’s great to be posting my first CloudPhysics blog as the company’s new CEO. It’s a thrill to take on new challenges, especially when joining a company with the potential to fundamentally change the game.

When first introduced to CloudPhysics, I saw an experienced team, great technology, and the opportunity to answer some of the most pressing questions architects and administrators face today. Fueling this opportunity is CloudPhysics’ unique approach: by marrying Big Data analytics with datacenter operations, wrapped together in a SaaS platform, CloudPhysics is redefining the nature of IT operational decision making. With my roots in decision analysis/management science, and deep experience in datacenter and cloud technologies, I believe CloudPhysics is a perfect match for my passion and expertise, and I’m excited to be leading the team.

The CloudPhysics team brings tremendous technical depth with decades of expertise helping IT deploy and derive value from virtualization and simulation. The technology platform they’ve created enables both the experts at CloudPhysics – as well as those in the collective community – to analyze and evaluate complex, interrelated systems in an innovative, simplified way. The unique insights derived from CloudPhysics’ platform empower IT to make smarter decisions regarding performance, contention, capacity utilization, and availability.

And that’s the primary reason I’m attracted to CloudPhysics. Cool technology doesn’t matter unless you harness it to solve real customer problems. I’ve seen firsthand how operations teams grapple with performance in virtualized environments with multi-tier applications running a variety of technologies. The ability to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, whether storage, network, server or application code, is an ongoing challenge. The inability to predict what might or could happen next results in operational risk that is not fully understood. Through the use of data-driven analytics, CloudPhysics will eliminate these uncertainties, and free customers to focus – more cost-effectively – on running their businesses.

I look forward to helping customers reinvent their approach to IT… one decision at a time.

game-changer: big data analytics, SaaS, with IT operations