Infinite Combinations

We welcome the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud Simulator, bringing Superhero insights to mere mortals.

In the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars, Doctor Strange takes on the daunting superhuman task of viewing all the possible outcomes of the Avengers chances at beating their rival Thanos. With millions of possibilities, Doctor Strange saw only one positive outcome where they succeeded. If only we could possess this skill in IT we could model the ideal hardware configuration with the ideal performance, size, and costs. This power of vision to see the ideal outcome should not be the skills of just superheroes.

Accelerate Customer Appreciation Through Practical and True Differentiation

“What is your actual product offering?” Is it possible to truly illustrate to a customer today the differences among what our industry defines as a Channel Partner? For many it’s never been about just selling a “box.” But for many end-users the ability to differentiate one partner from another is becoming much more difficult. The… Read more »

The Customer is Their Data

The buying and selling of products and services in the IT industry has grown so complex that it’s now problematic for the vendor and customer to interact effectively. Vendors don’t understand customer problems and issues, while customers can’t comprehend vendors’ value propositions and how they might solve problems. Tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy… Read more »

Follow the White Rabbit: CloudPhysics Exploration Mode — Strong Correlation to Cause

CloudPhysics Releases Exploration Mode Funny tweets cause earthquakes. Stop laughing and keep us safe. Really. Here’s an equation drawing out the correlation:

What changed? Why is VMware running slow?

Neo: Whoa. Déjà vu. [Everyone freezes right in their tracks] Trinity: What did you just say? Neo: Nothing. Just had a little déjà vu. Trinity: What did you see? Cypher: What happened? Neo: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it. Trinity: How much like it? Was it the… Read more »

Spicing Up CloudPhysics Free Edition

Variety is the spice of life, right? So, to keep things fresh and interesting we are applying that principle to CloudPhysics Free Edition. Starting July 1, we’re introducing a new feature rotation program that lets us incorporate Premium Edition features into CloudPhysics Free Edition on a rotating basis. It’s kind of like the flavor of… Read more »

Are your hosts safe from the latest ESXi bugs? CloudPhysics can tell you.

In the past couple weeks, The Register and VMware KB articles have highlighted the two latest ESXi bugs – one for 5.5 and one for 6.0. The bugs are significant because they can result in VM communication errors across hosts, and the inability to back them up or even power them on. The good news is that CloudPhysics is in a… Read more »

What’s New in CloudPhysics?

Wondering what’s new in CloudPhysics? Over the past few months we’ve been focused on building out and updating our analytics inventory of cards to help you better understand and manage your virtual environment. Each new or updated card brings to light important operational hazards that could cause a lot of damage if they blew up…. Read more »

Stay vHealthy! An Audit a Day Keeps Operational Hazards Away

All data centers are fraught with hidden Operational Hazards. These are ticking time bombs that are waiting to explode but very difficult to predict when and how exactly they will happen. It is like predicting when a patient with high cholesterol and blood pressure will experience a heart attack. Regular preventive care can reduce the… Read more »

one size does not fit all

One Size Does Not Fit All: vSphere Custom Reporting & Analytics

The operational needs and priorities of vSphere administrators vary from organization to organization and there are many datacenter operational management tools to serve those needs. But if you ask any vSphere administrator, the one tool they consistently rely on is spreadsheets. Why are spreadsheets so popular with vSphere admins? Lots of reasons: The reports and… Read more »