More Cloud, Less Cost—in the Palm of Your Hand

Google Cloud Platform, while the current underdog in the cloud space, has been making ripples in the cloud hosting industry for a while now by offering instances and pricing options that are difficult to ignore. But as with most cloud platform analysis, the effort to match workloads to their appropriate instances amid the multitude of options can be a daunting task.

In response to the success of the CloudPhysics cloud-costing calculators currently available, we are happy to announce the release of the new Cost Calculator for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This calculator specifically analyzes workloads and resources for migration to the Google Compute Engine.

With the various cloud cost calculators currently hosted by CloudPhysics, the addition of GCP is welcomed by many in our user community. We’ve looked at the standard instances and felt that the effort needed to match and compute cost was a simple task for the platform itself. However, the addition now of custom instance sizes, pricing, and rightsizing calls for an expanded effort that not many can handle without compute power and data to back up the analysis.

When we started the analysis, I chatted with our Data Scientist; our consensus was that this would take a lot of work, but it was the right thing to do. On looking at the model, we determined that a selection of Custom Instance Sizes is a critical feature that had to be included.

Digging into the costing for Google Cloud Platform and Google Compute Engine offers a wide variety of costing models: preemptive vs standard; inferred / stacked vs traditional; and instance-sharing all offer new models for reducing monthly costs. But deep down, the greatest cost savings comes in the form of Sustained Usage Costing.

Google Sustained Usage Costing allows users to take an additional discount for every day they use a workload each month. Starting at 20 percent, the workloads begin to incur more savings with each day they are powered on. The longer a workload runs, the higher the savings. This is a great value, but 95 percent or more of the workloads we assess are powered on all the time. That’s just the nature of most data centers running workloads today; however, we do need to take actual usage into consideration. Sustained usage also means that you do not need to bargain to get a discount: you simply need to run your apps longer. The need for negotiated discounts is not an option any longer, but the discounts are so steep that they may not be required to find the best deal compared to other cloud platforms.

Check out the new calculator as part of the CloudPhysics Premium Edition or Premium Trial.