Collaborative Intelligence

The Age of Heroic IT administration is over.  The solo ops ubermensch working long into the night, bleary-eyed from a thousand terminal sessions, log immersion and parsing madness…reacting to and solving problems…is giving way to modern IT operations:  collaborative teams leveraging the power of many minds and much data:

There Are No More Einsteins

Every industry passes through the phase of the craftsman to a new operational scale once collaborative intelligence is applied. You can see this in the most fundamental domains, like physics, where the web was invented to enable information sharing and the first applications of it at scale.

Solutions are no longer authored by isolated Einstein’s; they’re pushed forward by globally distributed, collaborating teams.

Smart Collaboration for IT: Unlocking Partnership Potentials

The same form of collaborative intelligence — we call it “smart collaboration” — can now be found in the IT industry on the HPE CloudPhysics platform. Because historically IT practitioners have seen diminished educational investment, smart collaboration effectively extends the capabilities of internal teams to incorporate partners outside the organization as valuable, enabled resources to help build and to operate with excellence. After all, the greatest quality and costs of an IT environment are the humans who run it. Smart collaboration unlocks the potential of any partnership.

Trusted Advisors Talk with Data

The foundation of smart collaboration is a data platform (HPE CloudPhysics) where shared analytical views of infrastructure can be created, manipulated, and enriched over time. IT professionals invite their solution providers to the platform and engage in data-driven discussions on any of the immutable IT use cases: capacity planning, RCA/troubleshooting, performance analysis, risk/health assessments. Solutions emerge from these interactions to yield maximum, measurable benefits — and take the value and ROI of partnerships to unprecedented levels.
Here are key aspects of the HPE CloudPhysics smart collaboration platform that generate these kinds of outcomes:

  • common dataset — partnerships must congregate around the same set of data for discussions to contain integrity over time, normalization, and consistency. Too frequently, IT pros and their partners speak past one another, using different data from siloed, fragmented parts of the infrastructure.
  • shared views — analytics built from the common data set must be capable of being shared securely, across multiple partners and team members, asynchronously, and across locations; that is, like all modern applications, the delivery form factor for shared views is a SaaS service.
  • packaged analytics — the most common IT use cases are packaged as collaboration libraries (on the HPE CloudPhysics platform, individual analytics are tile-like representations called “Cards”; packages of Cards are called “Decks”); these form “core collaborations” for IT Pros and their partners.
  • customize-able analytics — collaborations built together with the partner that extend the core and can be reused with partners and/or within an internal team.
  • global data lake for ML/AI — machine learning and artificial intelligence draw upon industry-wide, anonymized data to train and to automate the generation of new analytics for partnerships to find new levels of cost and performance optimization, preempt operational hazards, and anticipate and simulate the benefits of alternative products or services.
  • exploration mode — time series modalities for all collaborations, enable the development of correlations to find causes and build predictions on trends, projections of change impacts and costs.
  • baselining — a time series set of snapshots of the infrastructure on which changes in the infrastructure are captured and can be compared across time. Used as a means of measuring the efficacy of product or service delivery, baselining provides the ability to measure outcomes and associated ROI.

Enhancing partnerships by “talking with data” focuses attention rapidly on the right problem, eliminating wasteful guessing and inaccurate and untimely products and services. Real value can now be measured and validated on the HPE CloudPhysics platform. You can recognize a trusted advisor in partnerships: they talk with data.

Core Collaborations in Action

Two sample core collaborations available on the HPE CloudPhysics platform today:

Should we consider a hybrid cloud?
Hybrid Cloud Analysis

Why is my storage performance slow?
Storage Performance Analysis

For a catalog of current core collaborations, Card Glossary.

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