Every company starts with a Big Idea.
At CloudPhysics, our Big Idea starts with Big Data.

Big Data technology is used by companies across numerous industries to discover new ways to improve operations. Surprisingly, the one sector left unaddressed is IT itself.

Our goal is to bring the power of Big Data analytics to every data center, capturing data about virtualized infrastructure, analyzing it, and providing unique insights that help IT teams and those who service them make smarter data-driven business decisions. This Collective Intelligence is what sets CloudPhysics apart.

Solid track record

Thousands of customers and partner users benefit from CloudPhysics’ solution, which provides predictive analytics for IT. The Company’s high-value-add, subscription-based software captures data from virtualized environments, analyzes it, and provides specific actionable insights. The award-winning solution enables IT teams to optimize data centers and empowers IT service providers to monitor and diagnose current and prospective issues with customers’ IT infrastructure to ultimately recommend remedial actions as well as sell additional products and services.


CloudPhysics is the brainchild of engineering and product leadership from VMware, Google, Symantec, Cadence, Ixia, NetApp, Veritas and Sun. Some of our biggest fans (and advisors) include the world’s leading virtualization and simulation experts.

Award winning

We’re widely recognized as an innovator in the virtualization management market, with awards from across the industry (see sidebar).

Backed by the best

We’re backed by top-tier investors, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Mayfield and Icon Ventures. You’ll find most of our employees in our office in Santa Clara, CA.

About CloudPhysics

CloudPhysics is one of the market’s fastest growing channel intelligence platforms, designed to enable data-driven collaborations. Our platform ensures customers succeed in their adoption of products and services for next generation IT infrastructure. Combining an agile SaaS platform with a global partner network, CloudPhysics helps customers leverage expert resources to plan and execute public, private, and hybrid cloud migration through analytical assessments and simulations. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CloudPhysics serves thousands of users worldwide across major industries and supports a growing partner network.