Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative intelligence to empower IT.

Our vision at CloudPhysics is to analyze the world’s IT data knowledge, and use the learnings to transform decision-making. From an IT Operations perspective our Premium Edition drives out machine and human cost in ways never before possible. Beyond operations we are providing new ways for partners to leverage IT data analytics to improve their business operations and more efficiently service their customers. Ultimately, we want to empower IT to drive operational and business excellence using actionable analytics.

That’s why we’re the first to combine the Big Data analytics with unique patent-pending data center simulation and resource management techniques. Today, our servers receive a stream of 140+ billion samples daily of configuration, performance, failure and event data from our global user base. We’ve amassed 100+ trillion data points to date, and still growing. By monitoring, analyzing and learning from this Big Data, we’re building Collaborative Intelligence that gives unprecedented insight for customers and partners.

Powered by Collaborative Intelligence, CloudPhysics easy-to-use SaaS solutions provide actionable insights. Our Premium Edition for IT operations— immediately pinpoints hidden complexities in the infrastructure, discovers inefficiencies and risks that drain and endanger resources, and enables “what if” analyses that inform every data center decision. Our solution also provides Partners with actionable insights to improve business operations that deliver better service to their customers and enables them to sell additional products and services.