Data-Driven Insights Increase Traction and Customer Engagement

Use CloudPhysics Partner Edition to drive higher customer satisfaction with your products and services

Partners are their customers’ trusted advisors—constantly striving to deliver the best service and satisfaction, and to help customers realize their goals. With CloudPhysics Partner Edition, data from your customers’ running data centers enables you to better answer key questions and deliver targeted assessments.

Answer critical questions with a data-driven approach

Help customers answer the following:

  • What is the state of my customer’s infrastructure?
  • Are my customer’s workloads candidates for cloud recovery or migration?
  • Is my customer’s hardware compatible with their software?
  • Is my customer’s data center configured in accordance with best practices?
  • What is the best resource configuration for my customer’s infrastructure? How should I balance performance, risk, and cost?
  • Does my customer have excess resources that can be reclaimed?

Until now, data center complexities made these and many other questions challenging and time-consuming to answer.

CloudPhysics Partner Edition allows channel, MSP, and vendor partners to leverage the CloudPhysics big data analytics platform. Now they can acquire the data needed to optimally and efficiently engage with customers, leading to better outcomes for everyone. Channel and vendor partners can continually analyze their customers’ data centers; this capability allows them to collaborate with customers to diagnose current and emerging performance issues, ensure overall IT health, and help customers plan for change and/or growth. In addition to infrastructure insights, Partner Edition unearths targeted runtime optimization opportunities and tailored product and service recommendations, as well as identifying opportunities to recover or migrate local workloads to the cloud.

Create and deliver targeted data center assessments

Use assessments to engage in a data-supported dialogue with your customers, while also generating new, data-justified opportunities to improve products and services. Assessments can be custom-designed or selected from a suite of pre-packaged options, including:

  • Public cloud migration assessments
  • Hyper-converged storage assessments
  • VMware storage health checks
  • Infrastructure services assessments
  • Host compatibility assessments
  • Inventory assessments

Out-of-the-box assessment delivery tools

Assessments come with a customized registration web asset for your customers, created and hosted by CloudPhysics. This asset is configured to ensure that each registering customer receives instant access to the desired partner-branded assessment.


Distributors can create assessments as well, allowing distributor partners to offer these assessments through their partner ecosystem.

Use data to uncover opportunities

Partner Edition comes with the CloudPhysics Customer Intelligence Report. This scans a partner’s customer base to identify opportunities for data center optimization—including cloud migration, storage reclamation, security risk detection, overprovisioned workload recognition, or infrastructure consolidation.

Partner Edition support infrastructure

As a Partner Edition user, you gain access to a set of supporting tools and resources, including a customized, “assessment-aware” version of the assigned, dedicated Technical Account Manager, and a full complement of training and onboarding materials.

SaaS model means you are up and running in minutes

CloudPhysics Partner Edition leverages the same quick-starting SaaS data analytics platform that provides high value-add solutions to IT end users. Deploy the secure collector in minutes and gain immediate and continuous visibility. The CloudPhysics Partner Edition is accessible from anywhere, allowing your team to better serve customers at any time in the manner that works best for you.