Dealing with VM Snapshot Bloat in Your Virtualized Datacenter (or “How Larry Saved $5000 in 5 Minutes”)

For those new to CloudPhysics, one of the easiest ways to get immediate value is to try “Snapshots Gone Wild,” one of the many apps – called “Cards” – available on our intelligent operations management platform. With Snapshots Gone Wild, you can quickly discover VM snapshot bloat and pinpoint where you’re wasting disk space and money.

Larry Gonzalez, director of IT for a software development company, uses CloudPhysics to help manage his virtualized datacenter of 10 VMware hosts. He shared his experience with us, including his ability to save $5000 within the first five minutes using Snapshots Gone Wild. Here’s a quick Q&A with Larry for more details:

Q: Larry, did you know you had a snapshot problem?

A: No – we actually thought we had our snapshots under control, and that our environment was healthy. It was quite shocking to see all the waste that CloudPhysics helped us uncover.

Q: But $5000 in 5 minutes – really?

A: Absolutely. It was really fast to get going with CloudPhysics because it’s SaaS – all I had to do was deploy the CloudPhysics observer in my datacenter and point it at vCenter. Then, when I clicked on Snapshots Gone Wild, I saw all of these snapshots from 2011 that were sitting there, consuming disk space. I was able to remove them to reclaim that space and save $5000 in storage costs.

Q: Do you think you could have done that without CloudPhysics?

A: I could try to do this with some of VMware’s tools, but I’d have to gather information, try to do correlations – it wouldn’t be easy and the chances are I’d never have the time (or take the time) to sit down and do it.

Q: Once you got your snapshots tamed, did you try any of the other CloudPhysics Cards?

A: Yes – HA Simulation. At the time we were looking to see if the capacity in our cluster was adequate for our HA scenarios. Using the simulator, we were able to see the changes needed to make our cluster more resilient to accommodate failures.

Q: How often do you use CloudPhysics?

A: We use CloudPhysics daily – the Cards we check daily include Datastore Utilization, Datastore Freespace, and of course the Knowledge Base Advisor.

Thanks to Larry for taking the time to share his CloudPhysics story.

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