Doubling Down on Storage Analytics

doubling down on storage analytics

“Never send a human to do a machine’s job.” − Agent Smith, The Matrix

Today begins a new phase in the development of CloudPhysics and the application of machine data to the design and operation of IT: we’ve raised a new round of funding to scale our young company to meet growing demand from users and partners. Our existing investors, Kleiner Perkins and Mayfield, are now joined by Jafco (who led the round) in helping us realize the future of data-driven IT.

At the same time we’re doubling down on storage − solving some of the most difficult and timeless storage management problems in performance troubleshooting and capacity. Our new storage analytics launched today are the red pill; they’ll show you the reality of the infrastructure you’ve constructed and in which you operate – with the data, insights, and direction you need to proactively command it.

“Snorage” has historically been an unexciting but expensive part of datacenter infrastructure. The introduction of the hypervisor, however, changed all this; it has wreaked havoc on controlling storage costs. The “I/O blender” effect created by server virtualization, combined with the dynamic nature of workloads changing and moving across the storage platform represent new challenges that old, static analytics and reports (the “blue pill”) simply won’t address. Storage has now become exciting – but not necessarily in a good way if you continue to depend on the blue pill.

Today users operate in a strange and fragmented storage world of multiple management datasources and tools. Performance troubleshooting in this world keeps you always running late and behind problems. Capacity management is tedious, inaccurate, and ultimately abandoned. And there is no data-driven way to understand what flash storage means to you without engaging in expensive, labor-intensive and inaccurate proofs of concepts.

We’re taking a new approach to tackling these ongoing and pressing storage problems in our storage analytics. These analytics leverage algos driven by our global dataset: 140 billion data points (and growing) collected daily from virtual datacenters worldwide, forming the world’s largest operational database containing workload, performance, and configuration patterns. This real-world data yields insights unavailable anywhere else, and can be put to work for you when you try our solution.

Check out our new release and see what differences we can make for you facing hard storage problems and decisions. You can get started with CloudPhysics now.

Take the red pill. You’ve got nothing to lose.