HA Cluster Health


Keeping your clusters healthy.

CloudPhysics makes it easy to conform to best practices to ensure configurations are always up to scratch. DRS and HA analytics enable you to deliver performance and availability as expected.

Keep operations aligned with cluster best practices

Entire books have been written on the correct configuration and management of vSphere clusters in order to maintain and insure expected performance and availability of virtual machines.  As application demands change and infrastructure is modified, it becomes increasingly difficult to conform to cluster configuration best practices.

CloudPhysics delivers analytics to address this challenge on an ongoing basis – by continuously analyzing the existing state of your DRS and HA configurations, you can operate with confidence, knowing that changes that create risk are identified and brought to your attention, with recommendations to remediate.

CloudPhysics Cluster Health Cards

  • DRS Cluster Health: Deliver performance as expected.

    Ensure correct DRS VM placement and resource load balancing behave correctly. Rules-driven checks continuously validate critical configurations and recommended best practice settings, keeping correct configuration persistent in the face of other changes in the infrastructure over time. Each rule is color-coded and includes a severity measure, recommendation, and easy-to-read description. Each DRS cluster’s health status is updated hourly.

  • HA Cluster Health: Deliver availability as expected.

    HA Cluster Health is a rules-based health report for VMware HA (High Availability). Maintaining correct HA configurations is essential for it to work properly and guarantee application availability. This is made more difficult by the changing nature of a vSphere cluster protected by HA. The HA Cluster Health Card assists with ensuring correct HA restart behavior by continuously analyzing configurations through a rules-driven process. Checks include validating alignment with best practices and classifying severity and providing recommendations to remediate. Each HA cluster’s health status is updated hourly for easy and accurate HA health.