New CloudPhysics Datastore Space Card Answers Those Two Huge Questions (Then Hundreds More)

CloudPhysics Datastore Space

As any admin worth his or her salt will tell you, when it comes to storage it all boils down to two fundamental questions:

“When am I going to run out of storage?” and “Why am I running of out storage?”

Two simple questions for sure. But there’s never been an easy answer to either, until now.

Here at CloudPhysics we’re excited to introduce our Datastore Space card. It gives you unprecedented insights into today’s complex data centers and your disk space.

A little background on life before the Datastore Space card

Whether capacity planning for the coming year’s budget or daily fire fighting with storage issues, admins have constantly struggled to understand their storage needs and issues. Moreover, features like thin provisioning and admission control (as well as additional space needed for snapshots for backups) make managing your datastore more important than ever.

Unfortunately there’s never been a simple solution to understanding it all. Many admins will set alarms when a certain amount of storage is remaining in their datastores (“Hey, let me know when there’s 10% of space left” or “Alert me when I have 500 GB or less free”). The problem is that these are reactive, and can result in annoying alerts even though you’re not even close to running out of space any time soon. Fact is, these alerts are “dumb” – not taking into account critical factors such as whether your datastore is space over-committed, how large your datastores are, and whether you have any virtual machines on the Datastore. And worse, they don’t help to understand why you’re running out of space.

But what to do? If you are like most well-intentioned admins, you over provision disk space and turn off alerts that drive you crazy. You then go back to your usual firefighting mode of protecting your data centers, hoping that space doesn’t become an issue. And when you do run out of space unexpectedly, you simply add that to your list of emergencies for the day.

True, while over-provisioning the datastore may temporarily reduce the likelihood of these emergencies, you certainly aren’t being very efficient about your disk space. And isn’t that the whole point of virtualization … increasing your efficiency?

Enter the era of the Datastore Space card

These are exactly the issues many of us have dealt with ourselves over the years, and why here at CloudPhysics we set out to create a real solution for your pain points. We’ve been there and we know how it feels. We too have spent sleepless nights lamenting, “Our datastore is full – but why and how do I fix it?”  But too many questions arise. Are there too many files not managed by vCenter, such as ISO images, unregistered VMs, or other manually copied and forgotten files? I am not utilizing all my physical space?  What are the best candidates for SDRS?

With these questions (and their answers) in mind we’re proud to release our Datastore Space card. It helps you solve exactly these problems in a fast and efficient manner. It allows you to quickly visualize the datastores across data centers, including spanning multiple instances of vCenter. Use it to drill down into your problematic data stores to understand why they’re likely to run out of space and when, all while managing issues proactively.

You’ll quickly see if there are too many log files, or if they’re too large. Or if you have too many VMDKs. Is there a specific virtual machine disk file that is too large?  Are there files not managed by VMware taking up space? With our Datastore Space card you can instantly analyze these myriad of issues and get to the heart of what’s problematic. From there it’s easy to put out your storage fires and get back to fighting those other data needs.

Additionally, not only can you analyze what’s causing your datastores to fill up, you can see CloudPhysics’ intelligent prediction for when your datastore will fill up. This means instead of alerting you that you’re at a specific capacity, you can be intelligently alerted when you’ll actually run out space.

The end result is that you’ll finally manage proactively, and save yourself from fighting another fire later.  Pretty sweet, eh? We think so too, which is why we worked so hard to create this new solution.

The Datastore Space card is now generally available, and can be viewed in your dashboard.