HPE CloudPhysics Virtual Appliance ("Observer") Offline Support

On August 12th, HPE CloudPhysics changed the IP Address associated with its data upload destination.  This update was tied to Amazon's AWS Cloud retiring Classic EC2 Network which was used by CloudPhysics for its load balancing before we migrated to Google Cloud.  At the time of our migration off of AWS, we kept the IP Address associated with the AWS load balancer to reduce disruption to HPE CloudPhysics customers who created public IP Address access firewall/proxy rules for their data uploads.  Since AWS is retiring the service, we were forced to change our IP Address before August 15th, 2022, and migrate our public network interface to a new public load balancer on Google Cloud. 


Since the August 12th IP Address transition, your HPE CloudPhysics Appliance (“Observer”) may have stopped uploading data indicating that your appliance was likely communicating through a public IP Address rule.  If you did not use a firewall or proxy setting in your HPE CloudPhysics appliance, it is possible your DNS cache has not expired and refreshed with the new IP Address.  This may resolve itself when the DNS name cache expires and renews.


If you had a public IP address access rule for a firewall or proxy server, your appliance would remain offline until you correct the rules to point to the new location.  HPE CloudPhysics does not recommend IP Address rules and advises against such a practice for security as your load balance server may change again in the future.  DNS Name based rules may be better suited for public cloud connections for your organization.


Public DNS Name and port for HPE CloudPhysics Upload point:
Public domain: entanglement.cloudphysics.com
Port: 443


If you log in and your observer appears to be online and communicating then the issue may have been resolved after your DNS correctly resolved the new IP Address from the name.


If you received a message that your HPE CloudPhysics Observer has gone offline, the issue is related to the IP address.   Either:
  1.    Replace your firewall/proxy IP address rule with a name rule
  2.    Create a new public IP address rule(not recommended)
  3.    Flush your network DNS cache and reboot your appliance. It may take up to 24 hours for the new address to resolve
  4.    If you disabled/removed your HPE CloudPhysics appliance, you can disregard the offline email. You amy want to log in and deactivate your applaince in the Observer Status Page: https://app.cloudphysics.com/observer-status/vsphere.
As long as your appliance is running, it will continue to collect data from your VMware environment and queue it up for upload. Once your connection is resolve, the uploads will resume.  If you have any further questions, please contact HPE CloudPhysics Support for details: cloudphysicssupport@hpe.com  


HPE Technical Support: cloudphysicssupport@hpe.com
Use this email address for technical issues with HPE CloudPhysics Observer, Account issues, and technical issues with the portal.