CloudPhysics to Accelerate Channel Go-To- Market Delivering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Assessments

CloudPhysics, one of the fastest growing channel automation platforms for next generation data center product and service delivery, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. CloudPhysics has worked with Microsoft technologies for many years, and this collaboration further demonstrates the commitment of both companies to deliver value to Channel Partners wanting to build strong engagement with their customers.

CloudPhysics’ Private and Public Cloud Assessment model provides rightsizing and instance recommendations that enable partners and customers to accurately plan migration strategies to all major cloud providers. It enables the quick rightsizing of on-premises workloads, saving costs by fitting storage, memory, and CPU provisioning accurately to usage demands.

Failure to right-size before migrating is a major cause of wasted funds in the data center.  CloudPhysics delivers meaningful analytics that can examine VM resource utilization, right-size the VMs, and then map the rightsized VMs to Microsoft Azure instances. In addition, with the orderability of Microsoft Azure Stack, CloudPhysics will soon deliver accurate cluster packing analytics so customers can get more out of their investment and optimize their costs with confidence.

CloudPhysics uses customized analytics, and its Azure cost and pricing calculator is updated daily, making it one of the most sophisticated tools available to quickly optimize workloads, both those which will be migrated to the cloud and those that remain on premises.

“For years, CloudPhysics has been helping channel partners streamline and optimize their customers’ migrations to Microsoft Azure, leveraging our analytics platform, proprietary data collection technologies, and our Partner Edition workflows,” said Chris Schin, Chief Product Officer, CloudPhysics. “Now that Azure Stack is available to order, we are adapting our cluster-packing analytics to also help channel partners work with customers to visualize how to best arrange their workloads, including those on Azure Stack, to ensure they get the best value for their investment with zero complexity.”

Chris Lwanga Principal, Cloud Ecosystem Engagement at Microsoft Corp. said, “The Enterprise Cloud Alliance Partner Program welcomes Microsoft partners like CloudPhysics that are developing and delivering best in class enterprise and cloud solutions in strategic engagements with Microsoft to accelerate business and innovation. “Partners who are developing solutions that can work with and leverage innovations in the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud will benefit from the promotion and access that are benefits of enrollment in the Enterprise Cloud Alliance to maximize their business opportunities.”

Users have consistently praised the speed and simplicity of the CloudPhysics assessment solution. All that is needed to obtain key rightsizing information is to download and activate the CloudPhysics virtual appliance, which takes less than ten minutes. CloudPhysics then collects performance metadata at the most granular collection intervals on the market. CloudPhysics’ analytic capabilities enable Microsoft’s partners to help customers accurately choose those resources necessary to support their workloads. The path to the most cost-effective VM configurations becomes clear.

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CloudPhysics is one of the market’s fastest growing channel intelligence platforms, designed to enable data-driven collaborations.  Our platform ensures customers succeed in their adoption of products and services for next generation IT infrastructure.  Combining an agile SaaS platform with a global partner network, CloudPhysics helps customers leverage expert resources to plan and execute public, private, and hybrid cloud migration through analytical assessments and simulations. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CloudPhysics serves thousands of users worldwide across major industries and supports a growing partner network. For more information, visit
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