CloudPhysics and CloudGenera announce Strategic Partnership to accelerate Cloud Migration Decision Making

April 26, 2018 – CloudPhysics, based in Santa Clara (CA), a global leader in IT Operational Intelligence that enables truly collaborative partnerships between Customers and Solution Providers to transform data centers, and CloudGenera, based in Charlotte (NC), a global leader in enterprise-class risk and compliance decision engines for cloud migration analysis, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a framework for cost-effective, fully compliant, risk-mitigated cloud migration projects that maximize the value of your organization’s technology spend through automation and intelligence.

Increasingly, IT organizations are coming under pressure to deliver flawless IT application services while at the same time reducing cost and complexity. Moving to the cloud helps, but can place an additional strain on the organization, at least in the short term, while the organization transitions to the cloud.

CloudPhysics and CloudGenera deliver solutions and services to help guide IT organizations through the typical project stages, including define strategy and requirements, assess current infrastructure and applications, compare options and providers; assess risk and compliance profile, develop actionable recommendations and create a business case for management, ultimately moving from decision-making to provisioning.

CloudPhysics and CloudGenera have partnered to enable IT organizations to:

  1. Mitigate the complexity and risk of cloud planning
  2. Optimize existing on-premise workloads and data center spend strategies
  3. Efficiently and securely leverage channel partner resources to accelerate your journey

“Leveraging the CloudPhysics Collaborative Intelligence platform, CloudGenera can accurately enable their decision analytics to accelerate data center transformation while helping businesses of all sizes select cloud solutions, establish governance around cloud usage and drive adoption of their cloud strategy with confidence,” said Richard Sexton, CEO of CloudPhysics. “We are thrilled to work with CloudGenera to help ensure our customers get the risk and compliance solutions they need to succeed in their cloud journey.”

“Coupling CloudGenera’s continuous spend optimization capabilities with CloudPhysics continuous application workload discovery, this partnership ensures our customers’ digital transformation and acceleration to the cloud is quantifiable with a clear business case”, said Brian Kelly, CEO of CloudGenera. “Mitigating all the guesswork and assumptions, a customer can now run CloudPhysics, segment their infrastructure by vCenter, datastore, clusters down to the operating systems, establish their target path then share specific real-time data with CloudGenera to produce an actionable set of recommendations that reliably predict the best options for workload placement and optimization in private, public or hybrid environments.”

About CloudPhysics
CloudPhysics is one of the market’s fastest growing channel intelligence platforms, designed to enable data-driven collaborations. Our platform ensures customers succeed in their adoption of products and services for next generation IT infrastructure. Combining an agile SaaS platform with a global partner network, CloudPhysics helps customers leverage expert resources to plan and execute public, private, and hybrid cloud migration through analytical assessments and simulations. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CloudPhysics serves thousands of users worldwide across major industries and supports a growing partner network. Learn more at Press Contact: John Blumenthal (

About CloudGenera
CloudGenera is a cloud brokerage enablement company. Our decision analytics help businesses of all sizes select cloud solutions, establish governance around their cloud usage and drive adoption of their cloud strategy. Our software platform demystifies the variability and complexity associated with making private, hybrid and public cloud decisions. Make cloud decisions in minutes, not months. CloudAssist™ is the portal through which you research cloud options and map your application portfolio to the best cloud solution. Assess application profiles, model transformation scenarios, and discover the best execution venues for your needs based upon user demographics, service levels, security, technology and total cost of ownership. Learn more at CloudGenera @ Press Contact: Rebecca Coble (