The Collaborative Intelligence Solution

CloudPhysics is designed to help IT Professionals and their Solution Providers (VARs, MSPs, SIs, etc) engage in more productive partnerships. Whether the partnership is optimizing a virtual data center, transforming a private cloud, or transitioning some workloads to public clouds, CloudPhysics empowers IT Professionals and Solution Providers to work better together, communicate more effectively, and validate the value of all decisions before making any disruptive changes.

CloudPhysics comprises an intuitive, easy-to-use SaaS virtual application, the Observer, rooted in a unique operational analytics platform that automatically identifies inefficiencies in the data center, suggests optimization opportunities, and simulates data center transformations without risk.

Start with Data

The CloudPhysics Observer extracts configuration and resource utilization information from virtual environments—at the market’s most granular collection interval—for a wide array of data center objects, including Virtual Machines, Physical Servers, Storage Arrays, and Network Infrastructure. CloudPhysics takes this extracted data and creates a always-up-to-date graph of the data center (all discovered objects, their relationships, and their interdependencies). Then it observes the resource utilization of each managed object, creating a detailed “fingerprint” of each—a view into the resources configured for each object, and also the resources it actually needs to support the business. These object fingerprints are then used to identify optimization opportunities, and also to simulate the migration of any set of workloads to a new infrastructure – a new set of servers, a new storage solution, a public cloud, etc.

Customized, Personalized Assessments

Once the infrastructure has been observed and fingerprinted, IT Professionals and Solution Providers work together to assess the environment for a wide array of use cases:

  • Data Center Optimization – use CloudPhysics to proactively assess the existing environment, seeking targeted optimization opportunities. Storage Reclamation, VM Rightsizing, Cluster Optimization, Contention Discovery; all can be quickly and easily located using Cloudphysics.
  • Digital Transformation Simulation – before you purchase a new storage solution, implement a hyper-converged infrastructure, install a new cluster, or migrate to the cloud, use CloudPhysics to simulate the move by mapping a grouping of workload fingerprints to the new environment, making sure you are properly sized before you move, and that the move will be cost-effective.

Continuous, Long-Term Exploration & Optimization

After the initial assessment, keep CloudPhysics installed so that both IT Professionals and Solution Providers can proactively:

  • View and analyze the entire vSphere infrastructure, with aggregation summaries, rich filtering, and drill-down.
  • View aggregate reports, configuration changes, and cluster performance – from all vCenters in one central location.
  • Use best-practice health checks and a Knowledge Base Adviser service to continuously analyze your infrastructure for hidden risks.
  • Build reports and analyses in minutes, not days – accessing the entire vSphere API plus unique custom objects created on the CloudPhysics platform – without scripting or programming.

Start in 15 Minutes!

Because we’re SaaS, it takes just 15 minutes to deploy our small, read-only vApp, the CloudPhysics’ Observer. No hardware, no software, zero future maintenance.