“We chose CloudPhysics because it’s always on duty, continuously examining our infrastructure for hazards and letting us know when there’s something on the horizon we should pay attention to. With CloudPhysics, we can better meet our SLAs and at the same time reduce the risk of disruption to our applications and our business.”
– Matt McNair, Architect, Threshold Enterprises

CloudPhysics continually analyzes your vSphere environment, tracking changes, projecting trends, and proactively surfacing the hot spots you need to pay attention to now – before they cause problems. We deliver unique, meaningful insights that give vSphere administrators the confidence to act boldly to reduce risk and trim waste, without compromising the safety of your virtual infrastructure or the applications it supports.

CloudPhysics is an intuitive, easy-to-use SaaS application. It is rooted in a unique operational analytics platform that drives out risk and cost in your infrastructure, especially in problems related to configuration changes.

  • Gain instant visibility across your entire infrastructure.

    View and analyze your entire vSphere infrastructure, with aggregation summaries, rich filtering, and drill-down and across. View aggregate reports, configuration changes, and cluster performance from across all your vCenters in one place.

  • Identify hot spots before they ignite.

    Find performance and resource contention in your clusters with CloudPhysics trending and predictive analysis. Sort out the culprits from the victims in different contention scenarios to take rapid, effective actions to resolution.

  • Explore changes over time.

    Discover what changes preceded an application disruption. Correlate performance with configuration changes, events, and issues to a common timeline that can be searched and zoomed in/out for viewing different time slices.

  • Discover the direction a problem is headed or root cause in just a few clicks.

    See the emerging severity of problems to neutralize impact, using contextual dashboards containing trending analysis for resource consumption and performance.

  • Validate planned changes with data-based insights.

    Avoid application disruptions during upgrades, migrations or reconfigurations. Use compatibility simulations, best practice health checks, and a Knowledge Base Adviser service to continuously analyze your infrastructure before you change it.

  • Create custom analyses and reports without scripting.

    Build reports and analyses in minutes, not days – accessing the entire vSphere API plus unique custom objects created on the CloudPhysics platform – without scripting or programming.

  • Start in 15 minutes.

    We’re SaaS, and it takes just 15 minutes to install our small, read-only vApp (the CloudPhysics’ Observer). No hardware, no software, zero future maintenance.

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