Card Glossary

Inside CloudPhysics, you’ll work with cards. Each one visualizes insights through charts and graphs, provides clear recommendations, and enables interactive exploration through slidebars, filters, and simply drilling down for more detail. They can be viewed, shared, added to a personal dashboard, and published to members of your team. Click through this Card Glossary to learn more about selected cards.

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Selected Categories
    Cards | Premium

    Cost Calculator for Google Cloud Platform

    Match workloads to global GCP sites and instance types quickly—or apply your own exact workload size to a custom instance type.

    Cards | Premium

    Cost Calculator for On-Prem IT

    Capture granular utilization metrics across VMs, hosts, clusters, storage, and other resources.

    Cards | Premium

    Cloud Cost Calculator for AWS

    Use this hybrid cloud cost calculator to find the best instance types to fit your real VMs and model the cost to run them on AWS.

    Cards | Premium

    Cloud Cost Calculator for Azure

    Use CloudPhysics cost calculator for Azure to instantly model the cost to run your VMs on Azure.

    Cards | Premium

    VM Rightsizing Card

    View analytics on a per-VM basis to identify rightsizing opportunities across your environment.

    Cards | Premium

    Aggregated Power Usage Card

    Host CPU utilization compares to host power draw in watts for the whole data center; see power and utilization spikes at a glance.

    Cards | Premium

    Aggregated Infrastructure Performance Card

    Allows you to quickly see hosts that have spikes or have dropped in performance over the past 24 hours.

    Cards | Premium

    Host License Summary Card

    Quickly quantify your total license consumption across hosts by vSphere Editions and Version.

    Cards | Premium

    Host Inventory

    See the make, model, and configuration of every host across all your monitored data centers from a single dashboard.

    Cards | Premium

    VM I/O Contention

    Provides insights into disk I/O contention happening on individual virtual machines.

    Cards | Premium

    Network I/O Control

    Align configurations with VMware best practices to avoid bottlenecks during times of network contention

    Cards | Premium

    Datastore Contention

    Which VM disks are contributing the most to datastore contention on which datastores across what metrics?