Card Glossary

“Cards” are unique analytics crafted by HPE CloudPhysics, IT Professionals, and Solution Providers, and are the foundation of all Collaborative Intelligence. Inside HPE CloudPhysics, you’ll work with cards, which form and focus the data-driven conversations between partners. Each card visualizes insights through charts and graphs, providing clear recommendations and enabling interactive exploration through slidebars, filters, and simply drilling down for more detail. They can be viewed, shared, added to a personal dashboard, and published to members of your team and partners. Cards can be packaged together into “Decks” to create themes for exploring a common topic and its use cases.

Wondering if there are critical knowledge base articles applicable to your environment? Are your clusters still configured according to the latest best practices, for things like HA and DRS? Do you have the proper redundancy in resources? HPE CloudPhysics constantly checks on these areas and alerts you and your ecosystem partners when action needs to be taken to ensure the health of the data center.

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Selected Categories
    Cards | Premium

    DVS Network I/O Control

    Align configurations with VMware best practices to avoid bottlenecks during times of network contention

    Cards | Premium

    Datastore Contention

    Which VM disks are contributing the most to datastore contention on which datastores across what metrics?

    Cards | Premium

    Guest OS Analysis

    Inventory of all operating systems in your environment.

    Cards | Premium

    PCI I/O Device Analysis

    All the I/O devices and whether or not they are compatible with a particular version of ESX.

    Cards | Premium

    Datastore Space Analysis

    Space usage analytics with estimated days until each datastore will be full, and what’s doing the filling.

    Cards | Premium

    Guest Space Analysis

    Details on space usage in the guest OS, and the probability of a guest disk partition running out of disk space in the next week, month or six months.

    Cards | Premium

    Reclaimable VMware vDisk Space

    What will happen if a particular VM is thin provisioned? With RDM? On an SSD-backed datastore? With…

    Cards | Premium

    Reclaimable Unused VM Space

    Discover virtual machines that are unused and the disk space they are consuming.

    Cards | Premium

    Reclaimable Orphaned vDisk File Space (Beta)

    Quickly find orphan VMs to determine to recover storage and cluster resources.

    Cards | Premium

    Health for VMware vSphere HA Clusters

    HA status by cluster showing failed checks and things you might want to have a look at.

    Cards | Premium

    Health for VMware vSphere DRS Clusters

    Ensure correct DRS VM placement and resource load balancing behave correctly.

    Cards | Premium

    Knowledge Base Advisor

    Intelligently analyzes your unique datacenter profile, matches knowledge base articles from VMware and server vendors to affected areas of your infrastructure.