Core Features

Fast, easy, intuitive.

  • The entire process to set up HPE CloudPhysics – download, install, and integrate – is typically completed in less than ten minutes (the record is three minutes and eighteen seconds!)
  • Time-to-insights is approximately 15-20 minutes – that’s the time it takes for the initial data payload to be fully processed through our analytics pipeline and ready to view.

Always-on analytics

  • Continuous analysis of infrastructure through unique, granular data collection and data science analytics applications
  • Unique data derivations, correlations, mashups and filters uncover optimization opportunities, and enable transformation simulations.
  • Ongoing “learning” to algorithmically deepen insights and trends

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Targeted Assessments

  • Customized analytics, allow IT Professionals and Solution Providers to collectively streamline the evaluation of data center transformations, via simulation
  • Assessments can be generic (e.g. Infrastructure Optimization insights), or highly specific and targeted (e.g. size my environment for my Vendor’s Hyper-Converged infrastructure, or cost out my migration to public cloud)

Configurable dashboards

  • Rich contextual views for surface hot spots, trends, and risks
  • Trending analysis consolidating multiple objects and views, enabling multi-dimensional correlation
  • Varying time series views consolidated into one pane to indicate duration and direction of issues
    Filtering with configurable scope and type of objects

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Exploration mode

  • Interactive ability to analyze changes over time through easily manipulated exploration mode, using time slices with zoom in/out capabilities to evaluate correlations and causation
  • “Correlate in context” to troubleshoot application disruptions with data drawn from VM performance/resource consumption; change/event log; configuration history; and known issues associated with operational hazards and best practices
  • Rich view in the context of the problem and its cause or direction

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Extensive card library

  • HPE CloudPhysics features an extensive and ever-growing set of focused analytics, called “cards,” which are available to users to support various data center use cases; not just for operational hazards but also for ongoing health checks, performance troubleshooting, infrastructure optimization and space savings, best practice alignment, and more.

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Card Builder for custom analytics and reporting

  • Creating your own powerful insights on the HPE CloudPhysics platform is easy; the entire vSphere API has been wrapped with a simple drag-and-drop visual query builder, eliminating the need to script or program.
  • In addition, custom HPE CloudPhysics objects resulting from our unique data collection and transformations are available as properties in Card Builder.

Context-Sensitive Help and Tutorials

  • Embedded, contextual walk-throughs and videos throughout the SaaS platform, providing a training framework and onboarding/enablement capabilities for end users and channel professionals.