Core Features

Fast, easy, intuitive.

At the heart of reducing risk is understanding change and its impact. CloudPhysics solves problems associated with change by telling you what changed and when, and analyzing these changes in the context of their relationship to workload behavior. We then identify operational hazards and hot spots that arise from misconfigurations or misalignment of resources, with the ability to drill down.

The result is you can quickly unravel human-related errors associated with bad configurations or change drift, as well as preempt change-related errors by identifying best practice alignment. Your organization benefits from reduced risk as well as greater efficiency through improved productivity and cost savings.

Always-on analytics

  • Continuous diagnosis of infrastructure through unique data collection and data science analytics applications
  • Changes continuously captured, recorded and reflected
  • Unique data derivations, correlations, mashups and filters reduce “noise” and expose true hazards
  • Ongoing “learning” to algorithmically deepen insights and trends

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Configurable dashboards

  • Rich contextual views surface hot spots and potential risks before problems form and impact operations
  • Trending analysis consolidating multiple objects and views, enabling multi-dimensional correlation
  • Varying time series views consolidated into one pane to indicate duration and direction of issues
  • Filtering with configurable scope and type of objects

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Exploration mode

  • Interactive ability to analyze changes over time through easily manipulated exploration mode, using time slices with zoom in/out capabilities to evaluate correlations and causation
  • “Correlate in context” to troubleshoot application disruptions with data drawn from VM performance/resource consumption; change/event log; configuration history; and known issues associated with operational hazards and best practices
  • Rich view in the context of the problem and its cause or direction

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Extensive card library

CloudPhysics features an extensive and ever-growing card library, where scores of focused analytics, called “cards,” are available to users to support various vSphere management use cases, not just for operational hazards but also for ongoing health checks, performance troubleshooting, infrastructure optimization and space savings, best practice alignment, and more.

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Card Builder for custom analytics and reporting

Creating your own powerful insights on the CloudPhysics platform is easy; the entire vSphere API has been wrapped with a simple drag-and-drop visual query builder, eliminating the need to script or program. In addition, custom CloudPhysics objects resulting from our unique data collection and transformations are available as properties in Card Builder.

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CloudPhysics makes sharing insights among approved persons inside or outside your organization fast and simple. Share the entire platform or just individual cards with other, providing them with a current view of the data. The ability to share (and un-share) insights amplifies the benefit of CloudPhysics across your organization.

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