Apply Data-Driven Insights to Your vSphere Environment—FREE


Take advantage of CloudPhysics’ Free Edition to assess your vSphere performance with advanced analytics. The lightweight app deploys in just five minutes. Fifteen minutes later, you start receiving granular data to diagnose, troubleshoot, and optimize your vSphere environment.

Explore your virtual infrastructure with Free Edition cards built on the CloudPhysics analytics platform for actionable insights you gain through big data and data science. Free Edition offers a subset of the full feature set provided in the Premium Edition. This is an easy, zero-risk way to experience the power of CloudPhysics’ intuitive SaaS analytics.

Use CloudPhysics Free Edition to:

  • Gain immediate visibility into your virtual data center
  • Identify emerging problems – and get to them before they manifest
  • View the environment across time
  • Activate fully in 5 minutes

CloudPhysics Free Edition Cards

  • Host Resource Commitment: See the resources allocated to VMs instantly.

    Outline all host memory and CPU resources committed to the VMs running on that host, including details such as effective memory, configured memory, and number of CPU cores relevant to your IT.

  • VM Limits and Reservations: Optimize performance and reduce risk.

    List all VMs that have memory or CPU reservations, and view the associated details of each to identify configurations with performance impacts.

  • Snapshots Gone Wild: Eliminate wasted disk space and money.

    Instantly pinpoint snapshot bloat, along with opportunities for greater efficiency. With a list of all the VMs’ snapshots, along with best practice recommendations, you can identify unused VMs and their associated unnecessary space consumption.

  • Guest Tools Health: Improve infrastructure health and manage risk.

    Learn details of VMware tools on your virtual machines, including running state. Upgrade recommendations and policies enable greater visibility of infrastructure inconsistencies.

  • Host NTP Settings: Identify configuration inconsistencies.

    See the details of NTP servers on hosts, including time zones, GMT offset, and more.

  • KnowledgeBase Advisor: Locate infrastructure that needs patching.

    Guard your data center against the latest hacking and intrusion threats. Plus, stay current on all upgrades. This intelligent, filtered summary of any KB articles relevant to your vSphere implementation includes KBs from VMware and all major host vendors.

  • vMotions Yesterday: Assess whether your vMotions are behaving normally.

    View all vMotions that happened yesterday, including VM name, vMotion status, triggering user, and vMotion duration.

  • Datastore Utilization: Track where you have the most available space.

    See the details of your datastore utilization, including file system type, VMFS version, SIOC enablement, and space utilization.