Host Inventory


Inventory your hosts in ALL your data centers in seconds.

See the make, model, and configuration of every host across all your monitored data centers from a single dashboard.

See it all at a glance: hardware, hypervisors, hosts and more

The Host Inventory Card is your one-stop information central for a richer, higher-value view of your data center

Get a Convenient Overview of the Hardware Running in Your Data Center

The Host Inventory Card provides an eagle’s eye view of current hardware, plus versions of deployed hypervisors. This card can provide Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and support options for each host as well as hypervisor compatibility. The Host Inventory Card lets you:

  • Quickly find resources that are no longer relevant or nearing end of support
  • See hosts with HCL flags can be expanded to see the system BIOS and configuration details for each host
  • Improve your analytics with custom filters to compare different hypervisor versions

Armed with this key data, you can see if current hardware supports different hypervisor versions—and determine exactly which hardware won’t support those new releases

Generate Reports That Show Your Current Hardware Vendors

Take full advantage of your host inventory to create reports on which hardware vendors are currently deployed—plus hardware models, BIOS, and configurations for the systems in the data center. This enriched, up-to-the-minute information lets you confidently make decisions on capacity and resources available, and discover which resources should be upgraded or replaced.