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Every one of your customers is undergoing a digital transformation to get as close as possible to their customers, and to know them through data—data that enables the delivery of products and services that perfectly meet and anticipate needs. As a channel partner, you must do exactly the same thing. CloudPhysics takes you there.

Push Brains Instead of Boxes

Without CloudPhysics, you operate from growing insecurity created by the lack of visibility into customer challenges, plans, and directions. Customers sense this and become frustrated by repetitive discovery meetings, uninformed questions and unfocused discussions. Steak and golf can buy only so much trust and credibility. This industry-wide insecurity is now acute, due to massive changes occurring in the IT market; figuring out the cloud and new offerings like VMware Cloud on AWS are pressing examples. The result has been an erosion of trust, with customers buying things they don’t really need or whose value they can’t measure. We hear predictions of channel disintermediation and demise in the face of new business demands placed on IT.

So how can you gain visibility into your customer? The answer is hiding in plain sight: in the very hypervisor you successfully sold and on which customers run their business—vSphere. Yes, vSphere sits at the crossroads of applications and infrastructure, and it’s one of the most heavily instrumented sources of data in the IT industry. The problem for you, the partner, is lack of access to this operational metadata which contains every aspect of the infrastructure’s inventory, configuration, events, and performance.

Within that data lies the solution to knowing your customer; what they’ve built and how they operate it; how it’s configured; where problems reside; plus patterns and trends in performance and risk. Analyzing this data takes your understanding of the customer to an entirely new level of intelligence and relevance. It becomes the foundation of any trusted advisory role. With data, you are selling your brains rather than boxes. Trust is built by intelligent engagements, not by haggling on margins.

Trust Means Collaboration, and Collaboration is Built on Data

CloudPhysics is the platform to access the customer’s operational metadata, securely and remotely as a SaaS service. We enable partners to assess customer environments to provide a differentiated service, identifying opportunities within the customer data center infrastructure.  We surface, refine, and analyze this metadata, plugging insights into discussion talk-tracks and workflows for the partner to:

  • understand and anticipate challenges and problems such as: cloud costing options, resource contention, capacity planning, performance impacts, safety and compatibility issues
  • deliver measurable ROI on services and products
  • create full transparency, rationalizing and aligning a proposed solution to the challenges, problems, and plans discovered on the platform
  • build and deliver unique, differentiated solutions
  • analyze, measure, and manage the effectiveness of field sales—by using analytics to build talk tracks that align sales motions with customer needs

Armed with this deep understanding of the customer’s environment, you can rapidly align solutions in your portfolio to the customer’s needs. Data-driven insights create relevance and meaning in your conversations with the customer; they are the essence of the trusted advisor.  The customer ends up buying the right product or service, at the right time, in the right amount, with measurable ROI.  

Trust, Data, and Partner Benefits—for 30x ROI

CloudPhysics is used by some of the IT industry’s largest channel partners and their product and cloud suppliers. Our data is the basis of trusted conversations and collaborations that drive sales and services, and especially the infrastructure transformations businesses demand today.  Balancing of private, public, and hybrid alternatives is among our most popular sales intelligence engagement analytics. That capability is highlighted at VMworld 2017 in the only session on cost analysis and modeling of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Once you gain customer operational insights on our platform, we tie those analytics to channel operation-specific sales workflows (including integrations with Salesforce and other CRM systems). Your business processes and sales motions, now driven by customer metadata and analysis, enable you to:

  • Retire quota faster by accelerating your account qualification model and scaling across multiple accounts
  • Increase new revenue streams by enabling automated demand-generation programs that align to your key GTM channel strategy.
  • Reduce time-to-market by understanding customer environments quickly and transforming your sales teams into IT experts.
  • Expand your footprint by differentiating your customer engagements and leveraging your skills and resources to position additional products and services for existing customers.
  • Accelerate and unleash growth opportunities by understanding customer environments to deliver strategic recommendations.
  • Be the trusted advisor and accelerate customer growth opportunities, including  immediate needs and highly customized scalable services.
  • Enable new monetization opportunities through the enablement of Cross Cloud strategy, costing, and analysis for both private and public cloud offerings.

Partners have seen 30x ROI from these benefits. While data-driven collaboration transforms you into a trusted advisor, it also produces new revenues and profitability in your business.  

Your Customer Be Like: Transform and Thrive

To find out more about the CloudPhysics platform and the Partner Edition program, go here or come visit us at VMworld at Booth 1006.

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