How To: Activate the HPE CloudPhysics Virtual Appliance with a Token

Steps for to locate your activation token and apply it to your virtual appliance

During the HPE CloudPhysics Virtual Appliance (“Observer”) deployment, you will be prompted to provide a TOKEN to validate your appliance against your account to ensure security and privacy of your data. This token is used to pair your appliance to your HPE CloudPhysics account in the final steps of your setup.

Tokens are available through the HPE CloudPhysics Portal and valid for 24 hours. Each token can be used multiple times in that 24 hour period to activate as many appliances you may need to deploy. Once an appliance is activated, it will no longer need a token unless you wish to change the configuration or redeploy the appliance. A new token can be requested from the portal each 24 hours and will remain unchanged in the portal for 24 hours. If your token is expired, simply log back into HPE CloudPhysics and request a new token by clicking on the “Reveal Token” link in the text box located on the left-hand side of the page containing the deployment instructions.

This token is available from:

1. New Accounts: HPE CloudPhysics Welcome Page by clicking on the “Reveal Token” (

2. Existing Accounts: HPE CloudPhysics Status Page in the left hand Installation Instructions by slecting the “Reveal Token” link. (

3. Partners: You must visit the HPE Partner Portal then visit the Customer’s Portal by clicking on the customer account name. Once you are viewing the customer account, visit the HPE CloudPhysics Status Page by clicking on the Observer Status Icon at the top of the page near your user name. When you re in the Observer Status Page, you will find the “Reveal Token” link in the institutions located on the left hand side of the page.


Finding the Observer Status Page
Look for the Observer Status Page icon located in the top right corner of the customer view.


Locating the Observer Token
The token will be located in the instruction pane on the lefthand side of the page.


Reveal Token Link


Token Status after Token has been revealed.

If you need further assistance, please contact HPE CloudPhysics Support at