On-Prem IT Cloud Simulator


Rightsize with the On-Prem IT Cloud Simulator to drive proper utilization, improve service delivery, and make the right migration decision.

Be sure that resources for your on-prem VMs match their consumption. Then compare with provider instances to decide if the cloud will save you money.

On-premises or cloud? Rightsizing ensures the best decision

When considering migration, you need a verifiable answer to the Big Question: will you save money by moving your workloads to the cloud? Now you can make that decision confidently, accurately, and without cumbersome spreadsheets or risky guesswork. The On-Prem IT Simulator lets you compare rightsized on-premises costs per workload with those same workloads running in the cloud.

Rightsize to understand your true, current costs

What is your actual current cost per host? Whether your are considering migration or not, you need a true picture of your current day-to-day costs per VM, reflecting CapEx and OpEx. This cost per workload becomes your basis for comparison with running those VMs in the cloud. Now you can calculate the cost to run each VM on an appropriately sized cloud provider instance.
It’s common practice to overprovision in-house VMs to ensure application performance and Service Level agreements (SLAs). However migrating overprovisioned VMs can raise your estimated cloud costs considerably. Before making a decision, you need to rightsize every VM on premises. This gives you an accurate comparison of costs per workload instead of a shared resource model of your private data center.
Rightsizing ensures that all workload costs are known and accurately reflected. It confirms that each VM has adequate resources to do its job, but is not overprovisioned with costly CPU, storage, or other unutilized resources that only run up your cost estimate for the public cloud.

How does the On-Prem IT Cloud Simulator work?

The On-Prem IT CloudSimulator captures granular resource utilization metrics across VMs, hosts, clusters, storage, and so forth. Utilization, configuration, location, and other factors can make significant impacts on your bottom line, whether you migrate or not. Now you see the full scope and impact of private cloud costs. So when you map workloads to the equivalent public cloud solution, you can be sure of an informed decision. Size your workloads based on Peak, 99th Percentile and 95th Percentile of resource utilization: these metrics show whether you’re scaling efficiently to meet daily needs.

See resource needs and consumption of your on-premises VMs

  • Profile workloads and create scenarios to locate VMs overprovisioned beyond their true resource needs.
  • Get an automated, data-verified answer to the question, “what will it cost to move to the cloud?”
  • Capture deep, detailed information about each VM’s “fingerprint,” based on actual observation of VM behavior across time.
  • Gain accurate data about the capacity needs and usage patterns of your workloads.
  • See a side-by-side comparison of private and public cloud costs so you make the optimal decision about moving to the public cloud.