Aggregated Power Usage Card


Quickly see the effects of CPU usage compared against power usage by hosts across the data center.

The new Aggregate Power Usage Card instantly shows you the relationship of host CPU utilization compared to host power draw in watts for an entire data center.

Easily identify the spikes in power and utilization

Each data center host draws varying degrees of power
Usage through the day based on utilization. The challen
is to identify those hosts which are delivering utilization
most efficiently, based on their respective hardware models.
A major element of this frustration is that older hardware or less
dense configurations are consuming more power per workload
in the data center—when they could be deployed to more
efficient hardware.

The Aggregated Power Usage Card allows you to see the spikes
in power that directly relate to the usage of individual hosts. From
there, you can accurately correlate their efficiencies within the data
center. The output can also share power efficiency at Peak, 99th,
and 95th percentile—while simultaneously showing CPU load at that
Peak, 99th, and 95th percentile. With this information, you can quickly
calculate how efficiently individual servers deliver their workloads. See
which hosts consume larger than normal quantities of resources so you
can rebalance, tune—and save. Having this relevant knowledge helps you
plan for power and cooling upgrades in the data center.

This versatile new card proves how completely and quickly
data-driven analytics solves the problem of resource overconsumption
and its costly consequences. In just 15 minutes you can drill into a vCenter
or group of hosts to see performance across resources for any given time
period. Spikes of overconsumption stand out vividly! Pinpoint the problems
and solve them before they have time to impact your budget!