Datastore Contention


Accelerate Performance Troubleshooting with CloudPhysics

CloudPhysics combines metadata and analysis for a unified (and explorable) view of storage contention issues, identifying hotspots and pinpointing performance culprits and victims for fast and easy remediation.

Find and fix performance culprits right away

Virtualization workloads are constantly moving and changing, which makes performance issues difficult to track and pin down. More than 90% of performance problems are related to storage contention, so troubleshooting takes a huge amount of manual, tedious work to sift through data to get to answers you need. Admins must:

  • Pull storage config data from vSphere for each host, VM, and component involved
  • Use vCenter stats and esxtop or third-party tools to find performance spikes
  • Write scripts to collect and pull performance data from vCenter for more granularity or to go further back in time than you can using the native tools
  • Use your storage vendor’s tools to determine what’s going on at the array or target
  • Put all the data together into a spreadsheet; create charts and graphs
  • Get the virtualization and storage teams together for a war room exercise
  • Determine possible solutions and how you can test them out

It all adds up to many hours (or days) of work, most of it spent just pulling together the right data and understanding what it all means.

CloudPhysics Storage Contention Cards

CloudPhysics immediately turns your raw metadata into actionable information – without scripting, spreadsheets and an army of experts to decipher things. Our data-driven insights provide unprecedented visibility into your disk I/O workloads and automate culprit and victim analysis, helping you quickly identify performance problems and accelerate troubleshooting.

  • VM I/O Contention: Search by VM to speed discovery.

    Quickly determine which VMs are impacted by disk I/O issues, including search functionality for rapid navigation to a particular VM. Use the interactive timeline view to zero in on trouble spots.

  • Datastore Contention: Accelerate performance troubleshooting.

    With a single click, see exactly where storage contention is causing performance degradation, and exactly which VMs are culprits (and victims). Our interactive timeline visually correlates patterns among datastores and VMs, and dramatically simplifies the exploration of hotspots.