Datastore Space Savers


Simplify Storage Space Saving with CloudPhysics

CloudPhysics combines analytics with notifications to enable you to proactively manage your resources to avoid data center disruptions and eliminate wasted space.

Analytics and alerts that keep you smart about space

Do you have visibility into how and why your storage consumption is growing? Do you know for sure when you’re going to run out of space – and where?

Solving this problem manually is complicated if not impossible. You have to consider all the peculiarities of how storage works in a VM vs. guest vs. host vs. datastore – then figure out what’s taking up space, what can be removed, where the low hanging fruit is, what’s really wasted space and what the real growth is.

Monitoring software isn’t all that helpful either because it notifies you too late to prevent outages. As a result, it’s commonplace to overprovision in an attempt to avoid capacity-induced disruptions, which leads to waste.

CloudPhysics automatically understands and anticipates when you will run out of space, helping you to proactively discover storage capacity needs and prevent downtime, without overprovisioning. We also identify day-to-day storage space waste in your data center, and show you potential space savings opportunities (both in TB and dollars). Notifications tell you when there’s a capacity problem on the horizon, along with recommendations for how to avoid it.

CloudPhysics Storage Space Savers Cards

  • Orphan VMs: Expose unseen waste.

    Quickly find orphaned VMs to determine whether to re-register, migrate, or delete them to recover storage and cluster resources.

  • Datastore Space: Avoid datastore-induced disruptions.

    Quickly visualize all datastores across data centers, spanning multiple vCenter instances; drill down into problem areas to proactively manage space issues.

  • Guest Space Saver: Proactively manage the needs of the guest.

    In just a click, get the details on space usage in the guest OS, and the probability of a guest disk partition running out of disk space in the next week, month or six months.

  • VM Space Saver: Optimize VM density for greater efficiency.

    Identify VMs whose virtual disks offer potential space savings, including space that could be reclaimed through thin provisioning. Gain data center-wide visibility.

  • Unused VMs: Reduce VM sprawl for good.

    Discover virtual machines that are unused – either powered off or suspended state − and the disk space they are consuming.

  • Snapshots Gone Wild: Eliminate wasted disk space and money.

    Instantly pinpoint snapshot bloat − and opportunities for greater efficiency.