Simplify Your VMware Cloud on AWS Migration Strategy

Are you considering a migration to the public cloud, but are concerned about modifying your entire application infrastructure to accommodate today’s instance-based IaaS clouds? VMware Cloud on AWS may be the right solution for you.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you don’t need to “move” anywhere. You can simply expand your existing infrastructure footprint to include cluster(s) housed in public cloud data centers. This approach realizes significant cost-savings and attractive TCO, all while achieving unified and operationally consistent cloud management. With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can enable consistency across both on-premises workloads and the AWS cloud through simplified operations.

Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS as part of a cloud adoption strategy can vastly simplify your plans. However, you still face a complex array of questions such as:

  • What is the current cost of my private cloud infrastructure?
  • How large a cluster do I need? What if I rightsized my workloads first?
  • How can I ensure that I am optimally saturating the resources available to me on a cluster?
  • Which of my workloads will run best? Are some workloads a poor fit?
  • Will VMware Cloud save me money versus remaining on-premises? How can I know?

CloudPhysics will answer these questions and more.

  • 15 minutes to start your cloud migration strategy
  • Simulates your environment on AWS
  • Calculates your current onpremises costs for comparison
  • Generate immediate results and plan with confidence
  • Engage technical resources that can expedite your strategy through to execution

Selecting a public cloud solution is difficult; each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific needs. Plus, configuring your public cloud most cost-effectively can be even more complex.

CloudPhysics can instantly discover the right path for you through this complexity.

CloudPhysics Assessment Offerings

“Self Assessment” for VMware Cloud on AWS

The CloudPhysics Self Assessment for VMware Cloud on AWS is the fastest way to jumpstart your VMware Cloud migration. It non-invasively observes your current workloads, calculating the resource needs of your applications as they run in production. After seven days, you will receive an email containing your assessment results. Ensure that VMware Cloud on AWS is right for you—and will save you money—before you migrate!

Self Assessment Details:

1) 15 minutes to activate
2) No external resources or cost implication, simply activate and wait
3) Seven days after activating, you will receive an email that provides:

  • A calculation of how large a cluster you will need to support your workload requirements, before and after rightsizing!
  • An itemized list of your specific workloads that will cost the most to run on VMware Cloud

Register and activate at:

  • 15 minutes to insights
  • Deep VMware expertise
  • Highest-resolution performance data
  • Data science delivered to you

“Engage Assessment” for VMware Cloud on AWS

The Engage Assessment for VMware Cloud on AWS is a partner-facilitated, 30-day, detailed and customizable assessment; the Engage Assessment can be run after the completion of the Self Assessment, or as a stand-alone engagement with a certified VMware Cloud partner.

The CloudPhysics Engage Assessment for VMware Cloud on AWS leverages the same CloudPhysics data collector as the Self Assessment; it non-invasively observes your current workloads, calculating the resource needs of your applications as they run in production. Then, over the course of 30 days, you and your partner will run numerous migration scenarios, with CloudPhysics calculating the resource needs and costs for each scenario, to help you identify the optimal set of workloads to migrate to VMware Cloud.

CloudPhysics predictive analytics then suggests optimal cluster-packing scenarios to ensure you will get the most out of the resources available in your VMware Cloud on AWS cluster(s). For example, CloudPhysics’ simulations might suggest the combination of two on-premises clusters—perhaps a CPU-intensive cluster and a memory-intensive cluster which will mitigate unused resources in the cloud.

Self Assessment Details:

1) 15 minutes to activate
2) Customers and Partner can leverage CloudPhysics to:

  • Profile and optimize your private cloud environment
  • Simulate your environment on AWS: Use CloudPhysics to determine how to combine workloads to saturate the resources of an AWS cluster
  • Compare your private cloud infrastructure costs to your simulated VMware Cloud on AWS costs
  • Compare costs of VMware Cloud on AWS to other top public cloud platforms
  • Filter your scope and simulate migration costing scenarios to specific data centers, clusters, or applications
  • Leverage channel resources and connect directly with a certified VMware Channel specialists to execute your planning process

Assessment Comparison

About CloudPhysics

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